Shotgun From The 1 (An old thread returns and it's deja vu all over again)

By my count we are as follows:

Labour Day - 2-2
@ Ottawa - 1-1
vs Sask - 0-1
Tonight - 0-2 (with a penalty)

That puts us at 50% - now someone please make the argument that on ALL 6 plays a QB sneak would be at 50% or less.

The playcalling in this spot is some of the worst I have ever seen.

And before someone says "Well there was a holding call" - that doesn't happen on a sneak. And before someone says "But we scored 2 TDs from the shotgun tonight" - those were NOT from the 1, its a huge difference.

Coach Jones and this playcalling has now directly cost us a chance to tie the Sask game, and 4 points tonight.

When Toronto was in the same spot - 4 plays, 3 sneaks and 1 handoff from Under Centre, and drew offside penalties 2 times.

Absolutely mind boggling how more people aren't fuming about this.

I agree with you crash. Also, why weren't we blitzing the heck out of Ray on that 3rd and 17 yards play? I was yelling so much I gave myself a headache on that play!

1st and goal from the 1.

You get 3 tries to simply take the snap and fall down over your Centre for the TD.

Yet the Cats are routinely finding new and inventive ways on how to screw this up.

The Ticats proved on the TD, then 2 point conversion to Tasker, that they can just as easily score by throwing the ball as they can by running it.

Agree Crash, though we need a bigger QB for these sneaks I think.
Thought of your previous post when Gable was stopped after taking the ball on the five....sigh

So take extra risk when not required?

Masoli is fine. He has no issue on 3rd and 1 when on the 40 yard line.

I groaned when I saw them line up for the shotgun on the one yard line. My wife, who rarely watches football, said "why are they making things so difficult?" Exactly.

It’s because Jones during the game time pressure seems to again forget this is the CFL....they have to give you a yard!! This is not NCAA or NFL!!

His in game CFL knowledge is truly lacking and has cost us games we should have won. Not a fan of his coaching but really like his media presence ?

So I agree with you... but then why does he go for it at midfield and run the sneak from a spread formation? He clearly knows it works.

My only explanation is BRAIN CRAMP?

Same with throwing deep at least twice on second and two or three. We had run on other plays successfully on second and short. Stupid play calling for a QB with questionable accuracy. He makes a couple but misses more than he makes. CJ was a monster running last night...why get away from it?

Bingo! Masoli is NOT an accurate passer. At least not often enough to rely on passing plays so often at key points in the game when a run call would make sense - especially with how well we were running the ball last night. He missed open receivers several times last night.

And talk about brain cramp. Two of them. Taking the time count violation with 27 seconds left when you still had time for 3 and maybe even 4 plays to try to get into field goal range to win the game to lose the down and then the terrible soft pass that almost became a pick 6 were it not for Fantuz saving the day to strip the Argos defender.

While I have to agree with Crash...the biggest brain cramp I saw was the pass attempt on 2nd and three. A Gable run should have done us a new set of downs and run out the clock.

Yup. I get that in the grand scheme of things, it makes sense to through in some tendency breakers and attempts to catch the defense napping, but high percentage plays aren't high percentage by accident.

Crash has it absolutely correct. Makes NO sense,and can't see any other team do anything but run from the one.Happened last game,why didn't this get addressed by anyone on TiCats staff?
We were "out coached",although they say he seeks advice from everyone.Those 4 points MAY have resulted in a victory?

It's frustrating to watch the shotgun - got to be more creative in close and quicker to snap ball to mix up counts.
I'm surprised there hasn't been more issues with lack of CFL knowledge but you have to expect the learning curve for Jones to be a factor, unfortunately we don't have the time to deal with that without basically writing off the season.


Lost in the 50 point celebration is once again stupidity from the 1 yard line.

We were stopped in 1st down. Lost 3 yards on second because it's a shotgun Play and got bailed out by an offside call. Without the penalty we wouldn't have the chance to go for it on 3rd.

One of these days it's going to cost us a huge win .... And it's all going to be on Coach Jones.

Get your head into this country. Last year was fun and games but someone on this coaching staff for heaven's sake stop this insanity.

Although some might argue this is not the time for negativity, learning from wins is just as important as from losses.

It's a very American mindset. There has to be a CFL experienced coach/player that has June's trust. Last year Jones admitted that Andy Fantuz helped him with the finer details of our game

Refer to the the onside kick with 1:48 to go last game. These decisions really rise to the surface in such a tight race.

Where is Orlondo?

Exactly, where is Orlondo, and what is his contribution? Short yardage is an excellent opportunity for the second or third string QB to go under centre for the first down. Maybe Jones doesn’t watch other games? Not really a stretch here.

In one of yesterday’s games, I believe it was Ottawa, scored from the shotgun on the one yard line. So please, for the love of dog, please please please everyone stop acting like Jones is the only one who does it.