Shotgun Formation

Did anybody else realize that the whole game, we played out of the shotgun formation? Yes, it is easier to throw out of a shotgun formation, but it is easier to run (most of the time) when the QB is right behind center. The only time they werent in the shotgun was when they were in a goaline situation.

I dont wanna nit-pick about the coaches calls, but i believe we should be using different formations.

OF course we should. IF Austin was a smarter man, he'd get 3-5 formations. Out of which we could run the same play in our formation 1, 2, 4 or 5 persay. Same plays, just a different starting formation look to them. It Mixes up the personal here and there which can throw D's off que.

Best call of the game goes to............ drum roll

Austin's rediculous shotgun formation and pass on 3rd and 1 with 1:30 left in the game...

Wow, you'd think we would have confidence in Cates after the game he had yesterday!

that was a long 3rd and 1...


Yeah where the fuck was Szarka. There were a couple of times that they had Cates run on 2nd and short and they didn't get it. That is why you have a fullback and we have a good one. Use Szarka more.