Shorting BCE - A Roller Coaster Ride - See if I win or lose...

I have decided to “short” 1300 shares of BCE Stock at $60 CDN / share.

That means…

For every 10 cents BCE goes above $60, I lose $130.
For every 10 cents BCE goes below $60, I make $130.

(* I’m betting on BCE dropping. *)

If I cover the short when the stock is at $61, I’ve lost $1,300.
If I cover the short when the stock is at $59, I’ve made $1,300.

I’m willing to live with the pain/shame/glory - all while sharing the experience with all of you (aren’t you lucky).

Let’s see where this goes…

BCE is currently at $59.87.

If I were to cover, I would make $182 - minus fees.

That’s enough money to buy a Ticat ticket and go to the game with Ryan - plus, while I am there, buy Ryan, Mod Dave and Patrick a slice of pizza. :slight_smile:

What made you decide that BCE would retreat in value to warrant the short?

BCE usually trades at 17 times earnings. It is currently at 19. Plus, a few other things.

Mostly a gut feeling - but my gut is usually wrong.

With my luck, someone will come along and buy BCE at $85 a share and I will go broke (smile).

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