Shortened football field: 1991 Winnipeg

I've been searching for some time to find record of an unusual game played in 1991 between Winnipeg and Edmonton. Due to a bad ice storm in November, the field at Winnipeg Stadium became so covered in ice that the crews were not able to remove it all before game time. As a result, the game was played on a short (I believe 100-yard) field, with short endzones and goalposts in the middle of them. I also recall some other oddities like all field goals and extra points had to be kicked at only one end of the field, but I could be mistaken. Does anybody else remember this game? Is there any official record of the short field used during the game? Does anyone know under what CFL guidelines this game was allowed to be played under such conditions?

I vaguely remember that. I bet Papazoola or Piggy will know the answer.

I remember that game. The endzone had to much ice so they had to shorten the field. The field of play was from the 10 yard line to the ten yard line. The endzone was from the goal line to the 10 yard line. The field of play was 90 yards, and 110 including endzones. It looked like an NFL field because the goal post were in the back of the endzone. I do remember how funny it was when they kicked the extra point. They would still use the spot on the field as always, which for this game was in the endzone.

Alot of people complained after that game that Winnipeg was not a place to host the Grey Cup later that month.

Well know how cold it was for the Grey cup but the field was perfect.