Shortage of Canadian Receivers. Ismael Bamba?

Te Rider offense really took a big hit when Bagg went down for the season. Sisco did a solid job at least. He was not spectacular but solid as a 4 or 5 receiver.
McHenry has done a comendable job after having to swithc from FB to WR but Hargraves is just not getting it done. The pass that went off his finger tips for an INT should have been a first down catch but he over ran the open space in the zone where the ball was thrown and wher he should have stopped and sat in that open space. Hargraves is now in his 5th season and his3rd team and does not appear that he has what it takes.
Bamba has been on the practice roster all season now and it may be time to give him his shot to fill the whole for the reserve import spot at receiver.
He also will be a great special teams player fast enough to get down field on coverage teams would make a great gunner on punts

I've been saying since pre-season that I hope we get to see Bamba in action...but he did not play at that time, so I wouldn't hold my breath. Hargraves has some serious rust...while he had some bad plays, especially the one you mention, it was his first action in some time. I would like to see them give him a fair shot. He is a big frame and could turn out to be a key asset. Bamba unfortunately has nothing on any of the starting guys other than he is Canadian.

Yes, injuries have caused production problems.

Bagg, was just getting going. Then Sisco, and he was proving to be very reliable for sure.

Hargreaves dropped a killer last week. Call it rust/inactivity...........but he gets a free on that then I can roll with that. He's had his drop and he has to connect on everything. Agree, he's large but here here to him making grabs.

My man Foster...........the bloom fell off last week. He had one chance to continue his early Joey Walters like career and he let one get away. That is his free one and here here to him making playing the rest of the way.

Taj..........fumble. Yes he got rocked but but but. He's hanging onto that starting spot by a thread. Greg Carr and Jeffers/Harris and just waiting. Here here to Taj coming out of his shell and busting some prime time plays.

Protection is paramount. DD needs 3 steamboats to make reads. This O-line has got to get better. Calgary owned them 4 weeks ago so this game should be a huge redemption game. Maybe Labatte is out and Heenan back in? That shouldn;t matter too much. Time for O-line to start taking over the trenches.

Sorry to morph in O-line..........but give receivers time to get open and DD time to make his toss...........and life should be a winner.

i don't think that play you guys are talking about is all on AH, yes he could have stopped in the space, but then likely leaves the DB following in a better spot for a pick. He was thinking of keep running, and Willy was thinking he was going to settle. That is just unfamiliar with what each others tendencies are. That was also a very difficult catch to make, yes some people do make that catch, but I bet that gets dropped way more times then caught. It was high, and very behind, he had twisted his body in a weird way to even get one hand on it. Very tough catch.

I hope we do get Bamba on the roster at some point this year, as he will likely be the back-up to Sisco next year.

and Calgary will be getting Stevie Baggs on their D line sometime soon, hopefully not for this game :frowning:

I agree here, the O line has got to improve, allowing way to many holes and QB's without enough time to find those receivers.Willy got sacked on a play last week, the hole that Montreal made, you could of drove a school bus through. Can't blame receivers or QB's when the QB is runnin for his life!

I too would be interested to see what Bamba can do out there. At the same time, we need some more wins, so if putting thee best team on the field means that he stays on the PR, then I guess that's how it has to be. Was it him that we traded up in the draft to get or was that Sam Hurl? ... Bamba was mysteriously left in a later round after being projected to go early?

They traded up for Hurl.
Bamba was a last round scoop