short yardage

id like to see childs involved in the short yardage, he's quick, he's fast, and he is big and powerfull at 220. if they want to keep roberts in there for the option to go to the outside or for a shuffle pass, why not run wishbone? keep the full back in to block, and childs to plow through, or on the pitches, theyd have childs and regi to block for roberts. they could use roberts and childs as recievers to which means theyd have regimbauld blocking, and 5 receivers to go to. i think this would help us emensly on second and goal situations.

but Glenn does do the QB sneak real well IMO. he ducks down and pushes on OBBy's and St. Germains butts, or sheridans when sheridan's in.

give them time james, that was childs first start, I like regi on short yard yardage, they used him once in the EE game and he easily got 2 yards, I think Glenn sneaks very well, he gets low and follows the hogs, the fumble wasnt his fault, he was being held up and couldnt get down....Gibson and Berry will use all the assets eventually and how can you argue with the success so far, 4 - 2 is simply amazing.

im not arguing with the success, im just trying to improve the short yardage situation. everyone thought we'd be 0-6 at this point, some said 3-3 would be a win for us in the begining of the schedual. but we're 4-2. i know its simply amazing.

but yeah, regimbauld had some success running the ball, but if u watch, he practicly stands up. i was suprised he was successfull. the only reason he got those yards was because he was following his lineman. if the D-line were to split the line, and regimbauld went up the hole and met with a linebacker he'd be in big trouble. he needs to run lower.