Short Yardage QBs

I’ve never been a fan of bringing in a “short yardage QB”. I just think a cold QB to handle this is a mistake waiting to happen. The CFL teams almost universally go this route

I know the arguments-heft, limit injuries etc. But I don’t buy it. In fact I’m wracking my brain to think of the last QB who has been injured as a result of a goal line sneak.

What I can recount are the amount of fumbles, slips that such a maneuver results in.

The NFL teams certainly don’t use it. Brady at 42 nor do short small guys like Brees, Wilson etc ever give way to a cold QB to handle this.

Do you guys think the short yardage cold guy is a good move as a rule?

I agree with your take .

Never liked someone not in game playing mode going in unless my QB is injured .

The D line in the NFL doesn’t line up a full yard off the ball. It’s a higher percentage play in Canada…as for starting QB’s getting hurt, obviously the risk is minimized by bringing in the “cold” guy to handle the job and I like the reasoning, but you’re right…I don’t recall seeing a QB get hurt on a sneak despite the fact that he often ends up on the bottom of a 1,000 lb. pile.

not a fan of your starting QB almost assuredly taking crown contact.

Not really a fan of my backup taking it either. Maybe some CFL team will get innovative and assign the duty to a little used lineman that can handle a snap and who’s better suited to getting his head bashed in. Which leaves me to wonder…has anything like that ever been attempted?

I’d like to see a running back do it.

Get some reps taking snaps and go for it

let the fridge do it

I remember a former HC in Montreal did exactly that a few years ago. Of course he was ridiculed , judged to be an idiot who knew nothing about the CFL and run out of town.
Actually made sense to me at the time.

Somewhere along the line it became almost the rule that it had to be a b/u QB.

again I’ve just never seen the starter injured doing it in CFL, NFL ever. But sure have seen a lot of miscues with a cold guy doing it.

Joking aside, that’s exactly what I mean. The Fridge came to mind as I was about to hit the post button.

I was thinkin more along the lines of a FB that plays mostly special teams or even a back up LB who does the same.
There are some who were QBs in College that have swithed to these type of positions. & since they are already in games on special teams they arent cold coming in

Im not sure id want a huge lineman coming in to take a snap thats not used to catching or carring the ball. Lol. But hand it off to a guy like the fridge getting a running start. Now thats a different story.

Even better yet. The newest trend is to have #3 QBs in on coverage teams. So a QB that is tackling returners and knocking heads with blockers…

If you go that route you will need that guy to be about 5 yards back to hit the line in movement. Too big and not agile enough to start under center I don’t think from a dead stop.

I don’t want to create a radical solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist except for fatal miscues… I just think the starting QB takes 60 snaps a game and can do sneaks without the miscues of fumbled snaps etc

Ya. I get that. The sneak is the best way. Just responding to the fridge comment.
Defenses in CFL are one yard off the ball. & alot of times they are going on 3rd down on different parts of the field.
Although i get the point of not bringing a QB in just for short yardage.
Thats fine with a big guy like Strevler who is starting now or Farjardo.
Both of whom were short yardage specialists before they got there shot.
However, short yardage QBs have become like any other specialist. They practice it. They do it for the whole season or longer. Plus they are QBs. Handling a snap isnt as easy as it looks.
So id prefer a player who is used to handling the ball & practice taking snaps & run it during practice.
Whether it be the #3 QB or other skill position guy that is stronger.
I wouldnt want VA doing short yardage. 5’10 on a good day Lol. & 175 soak & wet.
Pipken has taken plenty of snaps in his few years. So he is good

pretty sure Flutie did most of his own sneaking.

Indeed. And that was totally a fumble in the 1996 Grey Cup.


Not only a fumble he didn’t get the first down . :smiley:

One of Flutie’s funniest stories about the CFL on that play .

Think he would be the freezer today :wink:

Well football has become a lot more specialized on both sides of the border.
Extra receiver packages, Special 3rd down packages of players on D down south.
As well as Cfl.
Short yardage QBs are unique to the CFL.
You can see just how good strevler and Farjardo are at it the last few years. Keeping them as valuable part of rosters until they have gotten their shot at starting full time this season.
Adrian McPherson made a career out of it in Montreal.
As Trestman wouldnt dare use AC in that role