Short Yardage Offense

Don't know who is calling the plays for the Cats tonight. They have tried to fool the Stamps defense with option and goofy shovel pass in short yardage and tried QB sneeks but not once have they run simple power. It's a three point game at the half but it could have been more.
Does anyone else think that maybe that big #33 kid could lead block with line gettin nasty for a yard in sted of trying to get cute down there?

we need to bring back HACK and PHILLBRICK..

well, rather than bring back guys who probably have no cartilidge left in their body... why not just use the assets we have (like ohh... i dont know, the best one yard plunge guy in the league... Julian Radlien......

Agree totally, Espo!

Where was Radlein when we were on the one yard line? I couldn't find him on the field, even, but as related before, I was watching a 3"x5" monitor, with wonky sound...

despite your screen limitations you are correct. he wasn't even on the feild for most of those situations.

(the rare one being when Maas didn't know what was goin on in the second quarter, and had to call a Time out.)

there was probably a reason for it, maybe Rads is still injured? maybe Lancaster wanted to give Maas a chance to 'grab the reigns' so to speak... who knows.

all i know is that we won. but we wont beat montreal playing like that.

so congrats, but come sunday, y'all better get your collective buts in gear.

Our lack of depth on the o-line also shows in short yardage situations. We used to bring Donnely in for a double tight end set, and then smash Radelin up the middle. With Smith going down, we've got to get more bench strength on the o-line. Did Felice make the field last night on any offesnsive sets? Watching on TV its impossible to keep track of personel.

Last night’s short yardage game was effective. Finally!

If anything it was an adjustment by moving away form our inept attempts at the usual power game the first few games.

Kudos to the coaches for adjusting and realizing what you have and what you don’t have.