short yardage deja vu

Wally's coaching staff made 2 distressing decisions.

The decision not to gamble on 3rd and 5 late in the game was bewildering, and has been already discussed.

Earlier, what was frustrating was - once again - the decision to take the starting QB out and put Jarious in with the team in a crucial short-yardage situation.

With the ball on the Montreal 2, you could see the entire Als defence tight to the line, keying on the run, and Jarious lost over 10 yards. We had to settle for a FG instead of a TD - and lost the game by the 4-point difference.

Bottom-line: this changing the QB strategy has been an overall disaster for the past 3 years, but the Lions keep doing it. It doesn't work guys - don't do it!

Yeah, that goal line play was pretty wacky.. just bring in the big guns and run it in until you get it in, you've got three tries! The total lack of a run game was kind of concerning.

Great point on the running game. It looked like part of the problem was that Montreal's early big plays put the Lions behind so early and by so much that they were forced to concentrate on the pass, so we couldn't see how effective the Lions running and run blocking might be.

On the less negative side, all the special teams looked crisp- not only the TD kick return but the coverage on Montreal's kick returns - last season the Lions gave up many big returns at crucial times.

Still, getting back to my first point, don't take Travis out on short-yard situations - it drives me nuts!