Short Week Preparation for the Rematch

Eskimos: Practice Tuesday. Practice Wednesday. Depart Edmonton late Wednesday afternoon to arrive in Hamilton at midnight -- a more costly but better travel plan for adjustment to the time difference and to provide a much more relaxing day-before-game-day than is the norm for a visiting team.

Ti-Cats: Practice Wednesday only -- and because of forecast rain -- in and indoor facility, the size of which does not accommodate a normal practice and all aspects of the game.

Is one coach too serious about preparing his team? Or is one coach not serious enough?

I dunno, you are almost 14 games into a long season and coming off a short week and a tough loss. A little rest might be just the ticket.

We'll soon see if the extra practice that Edmonton did will make them more prepared than the Cats. The Cats' Defence had better get their collective and individual assignments straightened out soon, or I'm afraid that Greg Marshall is going to have a nuclear explosion! :?

Depth Chart is out. Only change -- Heyward to Injured with a reported knee problem, although he practised Wednesday. Ike Brown activated.

So we're going in with no official backups at DB. I'm sure that, just like last week, we could see James and/or Beswick in at times. And Knowlton dropping a lot in coverage too.

Barker, you've got your work cut out for you. No safety blitzes, please. We're gonna need you back to stop the YAC when our second and third string DBs get burned.

Our offence better be ready to put up a ton of points this week.

offence needs to get on field to score points. With Edmonton eating up the clock marching up and down the field willy nilly I would not have too high of an expectation.

Sad, but true

If the offence can score every time it gets the ball, I don't really care how many minutes the Esks burn off the clock when they get the ball. Tall order, but with our shattered DB lineup, it might have to come to that.

Oh, and no dumb penalties. D-line, I'm talking to you. No Red Bull today, OK? Last week you all looked really twitchy, jumping offside at any movement by Ray, even if it was just his hands. And then it looked like you had a caffeine crash when it wore off.

I don't mind the occasional PI call, if it prevents YAC. Sure, I'd much rather see knockdowns, tackles and interceptions, but I'd also rather see a PI call than a catch and run for a touchdown. And if it's the same refs as last week, you won't get called anyway.