Short term: Bad football vs No football. Vote

At the risk of ABC biting me in the @$$, again, I offer you this poll. Let's see what you think.


OK Ok, my bad.

I mean the short term GOING FORWARD.

rather have bad football than no football at all.

The end is near. The CFL released John Jenkins and the entire coaching staff today and told the other 8 teams to prepare for a dispersal draft.

hey, it's only a suspension, not a folding, don't worry.

Unfortunately KK I can assure you this time that Ottawa city council will redevelop Lansdown Park by 2007 should there be no more use for the stadium. The city is staving for funds and will not be patient for the return of football. The property is too valuable to stay idle. If there is not football in 2006 then there will be no future period.


... told the other 8 teams to prepare for a dispersal draft.

Thats horrible news.
I wish you guys all the luck.

Yes Bad-Gaited, I was afraid that the land the stadium is sitting on is quite valuable. I can imagine the land the Skydome or Rogers Centre is on is worth way more than the $25 mill Rogers paid for it. It will be the next stadium to come down for condos, stores or whatever. This could happen for sure. And I've heard the same about BC Place in Vancouver. And being idle there in Ottawa would surely in that case mean the end of stadium I would think.

I don't know if you remember, but Mayor Chiarelli saved Landsdowne/Frank Clair stadium. If I remember correctly, it was Jim Watson that wanted to turn it into a bunch of condos. I guess we'll see what happens in the next few weeks (with the Gades) and in November (with the upcoming municipal elections).


Hey they had a better record than 2 other teams
Saying the constitute bad football is not fair

They will not tear a football/hockey stadium landmark down!it's still a great stadium and they will keep it for years to come.

I believe that with the energy the coaching staff brings (I saw it personally last night!) that this team will be almost as good as least year, if not better. I'd rather have close games where we have a chance and sit at FCS watching MY TEAM than not have a ball game to go to at all.
'Riders fans - didn't you need a save the team campaign not long ago?
Well a lot of Ottawa fans still love football, and if Hamiton and T.O. deserved saving a couple years ago, we deserve a hand to get us out of a situation that the league allowed to degrade to this point!
For goodness sake both times it's come to this point it's been poor management - OTTAWA FANS WANT FOOTBALL, ALL WE NEED IS A GOOD OWNER AND WE'LL PACK THE PLACE!!!!!