Short Punts

Every game Setta comes up with a very short punt.

I recall two short ones last night.

If we were a competitive team this would be costing us,since we're not ,well......

The worst part is for every thirty yard punt comes either a fifteen no yards penalty or a five yd. because the coverage team is having the ball land on their heads.

This gives a net of fifteen yards foeld position change sometimes.....may as well go for the first down .

This is a good reason to draft a kicking prospect in 08!

Is this a joke???

He had two short punts last night, neither returned for any yards.

MOST of his short punts are 8o yards high and again, are to afford little or no return.

Not sure of the stat...but his net yards per punt average has got to be pretty good. Plus, he can boom 'em when we need one, like last night.

Setta is one of the few bright lights on this team and we should be locking him up for as long as possible.

For the love of Pete, he's one of the only consistently good things about this team and you're knit-picking at him. Those two short punts made ZERO difference in that game. He's had some short ones, but he's also launched some. Overall, he's been good.

The good news is that as of right now the 4 western teams are in the playoffs, the blue team isn't. There is a silver lining.

Holy **** you guys come up with an excuse for every other rookies mistakes But Setta who is the only person on our team with any consistency and you wanna get on him about a few bad punts god lets see any of you go to work everyday and have a perfect day everyday it is impossible plus just so you know Setta is playing behind the same oline that is destroying our Offence