Short Memory: Smith found redemption in final moments of GC109

That was some kind of adventure that Robbie Smith went through to cap a wild win for the Toronto Argonauts in the 109th Grey Cup.

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The Bombers winning a Grey Cup game on a face-masking penalty would spawn endless talk from coast to coast. Who knows what explanations or interpretations might evolve from the myriad dialogues of countless fans? Thank Robbie Smith for saving the day, the game. :trophy: :football: :football: :football: :football: :football:


All season long the Collaros LUCK managed to get the Bombers win after win often in the last few minutes of the game. But this time the LUCK had run dry and the last minute victory was NOT TO BE SEEN. Instead the Argos and Smith wheeled in that luck to help with the BOMBER CHOKE ! LOL !
Congrats go out to the Argos and Smith. Hip Hip Horraw !

But that was a legit face mask. Sure it wasn’t intentional as most aren’t, but that’s called 99/100 times. Lucky for Winnipeg, but would be no different for any other team.

Yes Smith blocked the kick, but it was a shank either way - you could see it was going way off course just after he hit it - low and wide, that’s how it was able to be blocked.


In summarizing this year's classic 109th Grey Cup. The Toronto Argonauts proved beyond a shadow of a doubt-You have to be good to be lucky. :sweat_smile: and lucky to be good. :shamrock: Although I picked the Argos to win, I would be lying to say I thought they would lose on Marc Liegghio 47 yard game winning field goal attempt than DESTINY :exclamation: prevailed. :gem:

My game ball goes to the entire Argos D-Line who were relentless on all Bomber quarterbacks throughout this 4 lead change game. :heart_eyes:


It was a valid facemask call. Like someone else wrote, it was not intentional or egregious, but it was the right call. Anyone claiming otherwise just has a case of sour grapes.


I thought the Bombers were pretty lucky last year that the HAM guy mistakenly gave up the punt single. Of course, it wasn't Bomber luck that won it in OT, but it shouldn't have gotten to that point.

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