Shop like a Mother

CFL free agent list

would a restricted free agency work in the CFL? team could match before losing the player to another CFL team.

shown during the Grey Cup for those who didn’t see it

It is a CBA thing, so not for a few years … other sports that have such systems have guaranteed contracts … theoretically in the CFL if there was a RFA period then team could wait and then cut the guy at TC … at a minimum the RFA contract would have to be guaranteed for the first season … RFA is also tied to years of service, something leagues gas-ve up to PAs in order to push off UFA as much as possible … given the short careers of CFL players I don’t know that the CFLPA would even consider it.

Still dont know what that means.

Shop lovingly, in a nuturing manner, what ?

Haha, that’s a weird ad by Superstore. Not sure if you guys get it back East or not.

Can you imagine the female uproar though if a car company’s catchline or slogan was “drive like a Dad.” ;D

Superstore, Safeway, Saveonfoods…how many grocery stores do you people need anyway ?

…co-op, extra foods, costco, walmart…so at least four more…

I don’t get it either. What does the younger woman say at the start?


It is weird another ad they have for the shop like a mother shows a woman opening a container and drinking from it and eating the food while shopping .

So are they saying shoplift or have something to eat and then leave .

She says “the cumin”. She’s forgotten the cumin and, in appropriate mother fashion, makes everyone in line behind her wait while she strolls with motherly swagger back to the spice section to get her cumin.