Shootout at Commonwealth

Wow! We've got quite the shootout In Commonwealth Stadium tonight.Both teams answering TD for TD. As Chris and Glen were just saying, it could come down to whoever has last posession wins.

why didn't Edmonton put someone in the endzone on that field goal? they could have ran it out, doesnt matter if your only on the 1 yard line because its halftime.

hopefully that one point doesn't come back to bite the esks, i have them in VGCC :smiley:

Good game so far


Wow eh, glad I took the Esks what a game.

Most thrilling game I've seen in years. Edmonton gets the ball back after a Stamps TD with 34 seconds remaining and score the winning TD.
A real nail biter right to the last second.
Is the CFL not the greatest game ever??!!

That was a fantastic game, bit of a bad move kicking to Tristan Jackson with 38 seconds to go and watch him return it to Calgary's side of the field.

Close. :slight_smile:

Well, the Esks needed to get a TD in the last minute of a game for the second consecutive week, and this time they succeeded. They got that TD with only about 10 seconds left in the 4th quarter, and how long did that drive take? It looked like it was over after that Stamps TD in the last minute, but Esk returners have been doing well.

I think I can safely say that was the most entertaining game in the CFL so far this year.

Both D's were horrid tonight.. what a lame kick off there too and special teams on Calgary botched EVERY return... bleh!

Now that's CFL football I love it not a boring stretch of game. Kept me on te edge of my seat for the whole game, it was like the excitment of the 4th quarter of the Cats game last week stretched over 4 quarters.

what a great Game :thup:

What a thriller. Best final few minutes of a game I have seen in years. Wow. :thup:

Takes me back to a game in July, 1996: Dunigan's TiCats vs. Flutie's Argos, at Skydome. A shootout all the way. That season had so much promise sigh

Great game!! Too bad I fell asleep for the 4th quarter!! Don't like the western later games.
Last year I went to Vancouver to catch a game, I thought all their games started at 10:30 at night, we showed up at the game at 10PM and it was almost over!!

We haven't had enough exciting CFL games in the past couple of years. Grey Cups have been boring too.
Hope we get more.

Are you serious?

or are you getting a comedy routine together
to do stand up comedy on the Comedy Network?

We haven't had enough exciting CFL games in the past couple of years.

Grey Cups have been boring too. Hope we get more.

Best game of the season so far. Hands down!

No argument there.

Some games are close because both teams are playing poorly (as in the last two Winnipeg~Toronto games), but when you watch a really close game where both teams are performing well, as with last niight's match, it's a joy to watch.

Gotta love the CFL.

8) You're a classic mikem !!!! :wink: :lol:

Great game had to watch to the bitter end....YaHOoooooo CFL :thup:

This was a thriller and really entertaining drama but I have to agree with HalfTheDistance, neither defense was up for this game and special teams on both sides were suspect too. I'd like to think the Ticat defense and special teams would show much better when we face either of these teams in upcoming match-ups. Problem is Edmonton knows they can pull it out of the fire in the last minute when we next meet them, all doubts removed. And they will want revenge. Our linebackers are probably the best in the league so I'm not that concerned about containing the Edmonton running game, but the D line is last in sacks and the secondary.....? Copeland and Lewis and Stamps and Mann were phenomenal as Ray and Burris usually had ample time to throw. Both these teams are explosive. Marshall is going to have his work cut out for him as we continue our western swing into Edmonton after both teams have bye weeks.

I think its really important the return of Adams and Floyd spells 2 points for the Ticats this Sunday in Saskatchewan because we are going to need to improve our team defense and pad our position in the east before facing the confident first place Eskimos in Commonwealth Stadium.