shook Bruce's hand

before the last 2009 regular season Home game I shook Arland Bruce's hand It was cool

He's a really nice guy and enjoys chatting with the fans. Talked to him a number of times and he's always got something good to say. GO CATS GO!!! Set Bruce loose!

His hand was cool?

Yeah, he's dead, remember? He was buried in the endzone.

No I mean that it was cool shaking his hand

They know what you mean, some people just like to be smartasses.


That was frackin' funny!

It was funny Starbuck

You 'll never meet a Nice Guy ..
There been some Ticat players threw years that where not nice people
Deter Brock was one
Jason Maas was another
I could go on but why ..

I am Proud to be a Bruce fan now that he a Ticat

My wife thought she would never meet a nice guy.
Then we got married...she was right. :wink:

That probably makes you eligible to become the team's favourite football player for some :roll: