Shomari Williams released

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guess you gotta earn your bowl of gruel

. . . and another of MadJack's predictions bites the dust.

I recall, when he was first drafted, that he had a great future ahead of him in the CFL. . .

Don’t feel bad MJ…he is just that in-between size and speed that has often hampered him. I don’t imagine they wanted to release him, but for someone who is essentially a ST player, his price tag was simply too high.

pretty awesome trade of draft picks…bartel and williams…lol

The Riders, in retrospect, have picked up enough LB talent in the off-season that the Emry move may have been bad…but hey, they had to do something.

They should've picked up Curran (he's still available)

And play him where?

MLB is now a national spot.
WILL/SAM is Brown and likely Brack

Plus Curran sounds like he is holding out for pretty heft offers. He will likely sit back until there is an injury, then step in somewhere.

And that surprises me . Curran's a pretty darn good MLB; he basically supplanted JC Sherritt who is no slouch himself. So why is he still available?

Must be something off field or behavioural that we don't know about is making GMs shy away from the guy.

Curran + Sherritt don't fit int the same slot together. So the options are to rewrite the entire defense with lots of 3-4 (like the Lions) or pay one of them a lot less $$$. I don't see either of these things happening.

Well. Shomari gets cut. No surprise.

The shame is he wasn't even of value for a 4th/5th/6th round pick...........I guess not with a salary rumoured above $100K.

He will sign somewhere........with the addition of Ottawa the National talent pool is now bigger and he will fit somewhere..........Ottawa/W'peg?

C'est une bonne question, d'autant plus que Curran pourrait apporter passablement ce qu'Emry peut donner, quelques mauvaises punitions en moins.

Peut-être que Curran est trop gourmand? Ou que son statut de joueur international a pesé dans la balance pour les Roughriders?

was thinking it should've happened before the Foley/Emry deal.

I would agree, but BT made that deal pre FA season. I can not fault him...he absolutely needed to make a move at LB or his job is potentially on the line...he couldn't risk a proven vet not being available, and Hall was already in talks when the move happened, so he went national for national, filled a massive void, and filled the one opened by that. It is a case of hind-site, where yeah...dammit...Curran was still available and they landed some impressive looking prospects. If he knew he was going to be able to land all those guys and Curran, sure, he never trades doubt. Rumor, however, is Curran wants 160k, and they couldn't ink him for much more than 120-140 and re-sign/sign everyone on D that they did plus Foley. As for Shomari, he is supposedly at around 120k, which is simply too much for the role he plays on the team.

apparently half the league, including the Riders, are talking to Williams...simply not at his current going rate. Like I said, they are interested, just not at 120k

Well I guess he went to the dark side and signed with the Stamps. Just saw a tweet on TSN