Shomari coming to Riderville

What a class act by the Riders to have the GREAT George Reed announce the first pick. Welcome to Riderville Shomari!!

Shomari, you will love the Rider Pride that we PRIDE ourselves on. Welcome!

  • Yes I agree having George Reed select it, was very classy!

actually, I was impressed with Taman, et all, showed Tillman esq shrewedness in this. How they pulled this deal off is kind of mind blowing. I persoanlly think he pulled the wool over some eyes here, there is no way Shomari should have drafted here. I'm surprised we didn't somehow steal Greenwood too! Not bad Mr. Taman. Now if you can just stay away from Dinwiddie and bring that Reesing kid up, I may even actually like you!

i think shomari would have been available at 2.. so im not sure this trade was needed.

but yeah i guess 1 8 and a punter for 2 and 4 isnt so bad.

oh and u can thank mike kelly cuz #2 was originally the bombers pick but u guys swapped it with us. guess we got a couple 2nd rounders next year.

Nope. Big Mac has already been shopping these picks. He is looking for someone that will swap 1 4th rounder for the 2 second rounders, Straight up. :lol:

why do you say that? because they pulled of a great deal in which they got the player they were going to draft anyway at number 9, AND picked up an extra pick?

that was pretty darn good deal if you ask me

Actually I heard they wanted Sisco, but the Riders took him at 8 so they took whoever they took. Just what i heard. Reputable source, not neccesarily close to the winnipeg side though.

Not at all close

"We would have been happy today to come away with Cory Watson and maybe one more pick," LaPolice said. "So now we've got Cory Watson, we've got Chris Smith, we got two more players and we also got a guy we really feel can compete at quarterback."

Watson, already 26, could have the most immediate impact. A big, physical target who chats regularly with current Bomber receiver Jabari Arthur, he's expected to push for a roster spot in June and give the squad the ability to use two Canadian pass-catchers in certain offensive packages. One of nine kids raised by a single mother after emigrating to Montreal from Jamaica when he was nine, Watson once drew interest from big-time U.S. schools like Michigan State, Syracuse and South Carolina, but ran into academic troubles before landing in Concordia, where he blossomed.

"I'm excited to be a Blue Bomber," said Watson from Montreal. "I was hearing through Jabari that I was going to be his teammate so I was waiting for the moment. I'm a versatile player, I can play any position that you put me at. I'm a very physical player, really big in size. I consider myself a fast receiver as well and I'm reliable and dedicated."

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