Shologan is signed

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The Saskatchewan Roughriders could be getting some defensive help soon.

The club has signed defensive tackle Keith Shologan. Shologan was selected by the Roughriders with the fourth selection overall in the 2008 CFL Canadian Draft.

The 6'2" tackle, who was recently released by the San Diego Chargers, could have been a higher pick in the Draft, but there were signing concerns given Shologan's desire to play in the NFL.

Shologan played at University of Central Florida.

HMMM! Shall be interesting to see how this pans out with Shologan!

If him and shultz can start on the line that frees up another spot for an import.

Hrmmmmm at safety maybe????

ITs a 3 + 1 year contract....

After the D's performance last night, I would say that he is just going to be a back-up at best for this year. Unless he really shows the coahces and management that he deserves to play, he will be riding the bench.

I like Chunky but I don't think he is that hard to replace. It remains to be seen how he will fit into the mix.

Shologan will eventually if not immediately be part of the rotation on the D-line, I am certain. Being Canadian will almost guarantee it.

Could be an interesting line if all stay healthy... Chick, Schultz, Mullinder, Shologan, Jones and perhaps another import rotating in and out of the line during a game.

Shologan is young so he should have lots of gas left in the tank at the end of game. I suspect that he will eventually replace Adams unless he proves all the scouts wrong and is a total bust. If there is any criticism of him at all, it is that he is a little slow for the CFL field. (But then again, how fast are Schultz and Mullinder?)

A lot thought Shologan was the best player available in the draft, even above Dylan Barker but his signing with the NFL reduced his stock.

I think that Nuvraj Bassi will eventually dress giving us 4 Canadian D-linemen. He is at the moment very raw having sat out a couple of years because of a signing dispute he had with BC since they drafted him. But from what I have read about him, he is a monster and is very athletic for being such a huge man. He just needs a little polish. He also knows that the entire Canadian Sikh population will be cheering him on, which will also motivate him I think. (For interesting reading, check out the Sikh websites and what they are saying about him. A lot of hope and pride is being expressed)

BC had problems with his beard, long hair and headwear and they wanted him to part with it all. They thought it might be a problem. No way would he or any other Sikh compromise on that part of their faith just to play a game, not to mention the constant harassment he receives from the Evangelical Christians in the locker room trying to convert him. (darn Christians... the Romans should have gotten rid of them years ago when they had the chance.)

1st year Schultzy worked his way into the lineup and so it will go for Shologan. What a bonus signing this man to a 3+1 in what has already proven itself to be a lopsided trade in favor of the Green Prairie Gods. Thank you ET.................

Who is he? I havn't heard anything about him yet. Looked on the riders roster and it says that he played with Oregon but I think a total of only 9 games over 3 years and he was drafted by BC.