shold the riders go after roberts

since roberts said he dosent wanna play for the bombers if smith gets signed should the riders go after roberts i know a couple of you said we needed a better running back than k.k.

No, the last place the Bombers would want roberts to end up is in Saskatchewan if they considered trading him . KK is a good enough back, he needs to learn the concept of team play over individual stats.

thats what i mean but when i was looking in the what do the riders need thred some said they needed a better running back and i personally like kk but again i just wanted to see what people thought if this would happen im sure it wont though

definatly go after Roberts
were in a difernt division than the bombers trhis year so they wont want him in the eastern division to burn them
who do we give up Kieth and Mitchell ?????????????

No, you go One for One, Keith for roberts. The bombers aren't going to give him up easy, but Keith is the same kind of player as roberts so it would be an easy transition. If anything you give them an offensive lineman, like childress or Thomas. The reason i say this is because we already have Canadian Offensive lineman coming up in the mix

this is all conjecture, and if the Bombers do trade him I highly doubt it will be to Saskatchewan..... Bombers wont trade him regardless....

We don't need Roberts he's become a big baby, would he be any happier playing in the same offense with KK....nope, besides all that, we have great untapped tallent in the backfield and the newest member from Ottawa ,Cory Hathaway is going to be a future star here He is quite simply awesome...............GO RIDERS

Corey Hathaway is a fullback. He isnta running back. I think that if the Bombers were looking to trade their best player away, then of course the riders should try to land him. But Charles Roberts is so good that there would be many teams going after him.

If you have a cry baby that can rush for 1600 years you can put up with a few temper fits. Forget it, he's in Wpg to stay. Lyle with talk to him. As for Hathaway, not sure where he's at. Blocking most of the time?

this years offence will be much different than last years. KJ's running threat mean the Outside has to contain which frees up the middle a bit. Look for the usual KK draws and a lot more pounding up the gut from Szarka and Hathaway.

I think with KJs rushes the riders will easily have the most yards rushing in the west.

only worry is KK getting hurt and i think Dorsey will be ready if that happens

Watch for KK to be done with the Riders by mid season and Dominique Dorsey to be taking over, unless Kenton can get his personlity under control. There have been a few grumblings thru the grape vines and water cooler talk that he is a real peice of work, there was talk about him getting into some kind of confrontation with a server at Earls and that was the reason he missed the games at the start of the season laster year, as it was a in house suspension and not an injury. As well there was talk about him being in that group of guys with Shaute Peoples and Nelon Green a few years ago that were all about being stupid in public punching ladies and getting into fighs and all the other stuff that surrounded that group of guys. I think its going to be a big question if he can keep his cool all year long, honestly I think DD has alot of talent and I don't think that it would be a big step back if he had to start.

Bombers are never letting Roberts go.