Shockman Davis

the bombers signed WR Shockman Davis to the practice roster to try and improve our recieving depth. Wut do u guys think??

I don't know, had a good run with the NFLE, he might be good at the CFL, but I don't expect him to blow the doors wide open in week 2, but maybe week 3.

lets hope he can add a little spark on kick returns.....according to the article on the main page he had a 57.1 yard average on returns in NFLE......

yeah, buts that's on an NFL field.

not saying that the CFL field has like trapdoors, but with some much yards to run, odds are you will get taken down by the D before you see the other side of the C.

good god, is it that hard to spell check? never know what any player can do ...till he gets a few reps.... then judge his talent...we will see Friday.. :?

Hey, why not... you guys built your team with Ottawa castaways in the off season... why not re-tool with Argo castaways now...?

ha ha ur silly bluto. we didnt build it off ottowa casta ways. we simply filled our holes by adding the best of the ottowa players and adding them with the best of the bomber players. taman also found some good rookies. shockman sounds excellent on the return and thats all we're using him for. Winnipeg will take down toronto this week. ull see.

kevin glenn has 16 TD's and 6 interceptions at home with a 61% completion rate. with your weak run Defence and us having the best runningback in the league, were gonna score on you. also our D shut out calvio and the best offence in the league. im pretty sure they can shut out a back up toronto, bomber cast away QB.

nice..very good lol

nice..very good lol

Sorry that I didn't give this totally revamped Bomber team more respect!

I must have forgotten about all of those important win you've had over good teams...

And about how much time all of these very sought after players have had to gel togerther.

Truly, the Argos must be terrified of this juggernaut.

The Argos might want to watch it. A jugger without nauts is not much.

it is when you spell a word correctly in the wrong context.

truly! WPG D shut out the best offence in the league and havent geled quite yet according to you. ha ha imagine what theyll be like when they do gel.

yes its all great that your D "gels" but just dont forget to remind that quarterback of yours not to make game changing interceptions :cowboy:

yeah, i know he cant finish. i admit it, unlike u als fans trying to make silly excuses such as "oh they just had an off game" when our D shuts out ur offence.

but once Glenn starts finishing, Bombers are going to be one heck of a team. waitin on Glenn to take that next step.

And when that happens I will personnaly appologise to you for underminning your team but untill then.. its war !!!lol :rockin: