Shocker - Westwood out of Grey Cup Game!

C.P.- According to Toronto reporter Marty York, Troy Westwood has decided not to play in the Grey Cup as he has been asked to replace ‘Ginger’ Spice of the Spice Girls who has had another spat with the group. Westwood will let his hair down and sing as the 5th member of the group on their new world tour. “It will be a real kick to sing with the Spice Girls”, Westwood was quoted as saying. :roll:

Now turkeybend...know you are estatic with your team going to the cup and all...and realize that Troy Westwood has in the past said some "remarks" that were unsavory toward the Rider nation. But this is this is low.:wink:

I thought this was real when I first clicked on it. Should have known better clicking on a Turkey topic. :lol:

Please Saskatchewan, cage this Turkey gone wild before he hurts himself.

This would have been more believable turkey if red&white05 was somehow implicated. :lol:

I saw a newsclip on the Spice Girls last night. I thought Turkey was serious for once! :wink: :wink:

It looked like Troy was actually with the Spice Girls! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yoou mean you don't know?!?!?

RW05 is the Spice Girls biggest fan!

....first of all ...Troy plays guitar...not a banjo....and wouldn't fit in with the 'spice girls' act...secondly you'd have to 'hog-tie' and hold him hostage before he'd miss a kick at this one....also Troy wants you to have a look at his new form turk.....he seems to have taken on a whole new identity

...gobble gobble

Priceless!!!:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Papazoola- he looks like sportyspice doing one of her high kicks while on tour on stage!!

Turk, you disappointed me, I'd thought you would have named him "Bomber Spice" by now! :wink:

No, no, no, Turkeynuts you got it wrong as usual. Schultz was going to appear as Elmer Fudd in the new Loonie toons movie and Westwood is going to star as Jessie in the Beachcombers remake.

......if you look closely....he's really one of yours turk....a Sask. boy....we kinda miss him tough, in the Peg...he could kick the laces off of the ol pigskin.....maybe after Troys gone...(i know keep dreamin' papa',,heh heh).... :lol:

I Remember!
I Remember!
I Remember!

Hee Haw!
Westwood was there!

How did that line go?

"I'm a pickin!"

"and I'm a grinnin!"

It was Troy!

I'm really showing my age!

There is only one problem with this, and that is that The Spice Girls don't stock any tampons big enough for Troy Westwoods mouth :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


Well aren't you just charming...


Id straight up call you a jackass, except that lately we arent supposed to call people names, even if they are actually being what they are being called such as yourself.