Shivers Trying For Joseph

i just saw on sports new roy is trying hard to get joseph offering scott gordon 1 and 2 drafts pics, and also in the mix hes willing to shuffle around with nealon and childress prettty interesting

Well we know he would never go after B. Peirce, S. Wynn, or J. Maas. They all have one thing going against them. And I'm not talking about being in the West division.

Sad but true.

The only one that might be available would be Wynn, and he's never really played. We already have Butler who hasn't played, why get another un-proven guy. If we protect Joseph, who knows, he might do well here.

Who knows is right. I don't consider Joseph a sure thing. Though if you look at average pass completion length KJ blows the rest of the league away. Image a deep passer in SK!


I think this is just Shivers blowin smoke up Riderville asses! There will be talk and he'll say we're close to signing him and then at the beginning of the season... "Well we tried but we feel Nealon is going to step up and play this time. He looked good playing football on his Xbox so we think he's honed up on his game! Hey pass me the bong it's my turn!"

What are you getting at? I can’t pick out the one thing going against them. S.Wynn and B.Pierce are unproven backups with little experience, but J. Maas is not? I know you’re not getting at a racial issue…so what is it?

Shivers did go after J. Maas FYI.

i think joseph would be the best qb for our team.over 4000 passing and
1000 on the ground.imagine this guy with a o line like ours.we have 3 good rec for him to throw to.i think hes a perfect fit for the club.sask has the cash
to sign him,we still have cash that was offerd to burris.the riders never really spent that money.if joseph does come to sask i will be in regina
to watch the first home playoff game since 1988.

Question who would replace Joseph in Ottawa? Banks? Joseph is going no where because Ottawa has no one to succeed him yet. Until that happens Ottawa maybe a circus but not stupid. However, Printersmight be the option here. Dave will be their number one guy in BC again he did winn 11 in a row. Printers will not make it to the NFL because they judge you on what you have done the previous year. That would be what bench warmer. There are lots of those out there and new ones will be available. Printers only option to play and first string is to go to a CFL team. Right now unless Allen in TO retires that leaves two teams that would need his services as number 1. The Bombers and the Riders. This was stated in an interview with Herny Burris the other day. So if Casey wants to play down south he needs to a proven number one QB up here in good old Canada. There might be an aurgument that he was MVP the year before but that was a year ago and why was he not number one this past year. Wally tainted his chances by keeping him a back up.

^^Well, the trade rumour I heard was: Gordon, 2 draft picks, Nealon Greene or Fred Childress. So if we traded for Kerry Joseph and they took Greene instead of Childress (which really would be a smarter move since they'd have a decent QB and Childress won't be playing for much longer).

Jeremy if you were a smart GM (now I am not saying they are smart in the upper management level in Ottawa) would you replace Joseph with Nealon for your QB really! Tell me you would because I would not believe you for a minute. First off I like Freddie but he is ready to retire, Gordon may have a a year left and now we come down to Nealon. Tell me would you have him on your team after this year. This rumor has to be coming from some one that has wishful thinking. Not a chance I am sure. The riders would be best to wait out the printers situation. BC needs Oline men and with Dickenson number one in BC you can bet Printers either accepts back up or moves to a team where he will be number one. Two teams require that the Riders and Bombers. He really does not stand a chance at the NFL until he has proven himself up here.

gordon has way more than a year. hes a hard hitting exellent young talent.the draft picks could be used for some o linemen.the big chill could help develop young o linemen.ottawa needs some changes.
they have a young qb who is expected to do well(banks).why not make a trade that can better the team for the future.if they keep the same team
they are sure to be last in the east next why not start building for the future?give the young qb a season under his belt and
get your new draft picks some experiance.the trade does not make
the rens better for next season but it could make them better 2 or 3
years down the road.they are not going to be contenders next season so why not rebuild now?

Mike the Gades do not have a luxury of 2 to 3 years from now. They can not afford to go into a season with Banks and Greene. Even though Banks probably could show Green how to be a qb. But the Gades need success right away or in 3 years the gades maybe no more. Then fans will run!

look at the east next season ottawa cant compete if they dont make changes they are going to be last.there team is not good enough
to do anything.thats a team that needs some work.they are week all over the field ,i dont even know where to start. they are going to have to make more than this deal they will have to do alot more to get into
the playoffs next year.if thats what they are shooting for its not going to happen with the same team as this season.

joesph is staying with ottawa. There HC or GM or w.e is trying to offer him contracts and doesn't wanna trade him.

i think joseph would be the best qb for our team.over 4000 passing and 1000 on the ground.imagine this guy with a o line like ours.we have 3 good rec for him to throw to.
LOL. Other than MD, name one. I probably watched about 30 CFL games this season, and without MD and Travis Moore, the Riders have the worst recievers in the league, bar none. They refuse to play Moore, and MD was hurt all season, so there you go, worst in league.

I do think joseph would be a good option, but I can’t see Ottawa parting with him, for reasons mention in previous posts. Printers is likely a possiblity, but I can’t see Buono letting him go. Dickenson has 1 maybe 2 seasons left, making him the wiser choice to move… I suspect BC will end up with both again, unless the league decides to enforce a salary cap.

With Joseph being streaky, Dickenson injury prone, Printers’ attitude, Maas really was the catch IMHO.

But I would take almost anyone over what we have.



There is absolutely no point in getting another receiver if we don't have a QB to throw them the ball!!!!

this topic is about getting a the rest of the posts.we were talking about having joseph and having no recievers to throw to.i was saying we have three for him to throw to maybe four with a trade.

I think that BC will keep Printers, because Dickenson only has 1 -3 years left. It would be the smarter move for BC. Keep Printers, and Buck P. Now if the Riders could get Dickenson, even for only a year or two, we might be able to win the grey cup. Dave D had a 72 or 75 completion % with that horrible O-line, imagine what he’d do with ours. He’d have a 80-82% completion rate and wouldn’t take nearly as many hits. So if that were to happen, I think they’d have to get rid of Nealon. keep crandell, and butler, but bring in 3-4 qb’s to camp. Make it a competion. Hopefully, get rid of butler( a bum) keep crandell as the backup for a year and goom a youngster for the future. What do ya think?

printers might sign with the nfl. because he might they will keep dickenson.joseph is the answer.with our o line he will throw for 5000
and rush for a 1000.and if we also added another reciever like tucker
we would be #1 in the league