Shivers staying put vote of confidence aquired!

Thank goodness! I was worried they may get someone that would put together a good football team!

Not funny. Shivers will get a better football team, because fo the ultimatum his Board gave him.

if domingez didnt go down, the riders woulda been better than 9-9.

they will be atleast 10-8 next year, if they're healthy.

Going into the season, I thought this was going to be a breakout year by Nealon. Now, I am not so sure and it appears neither of the current QB's are the answer. Like generally in this league, without a good QB, its tough to win. The Riders need to make a pitch for Printers or whoever is left?

If they do the right thing, the riders could use 400,000$ towards a QB

.....absolutely.....if they were thinking of buying Shiv out, it would have cost about 400 grand.....they would have been out that money anyway, so now that it's still there, what about spending it where we need it - at QB.

Both (Barrett/Shivers) have Publicly said they are happy with the current QB's... Crandell would make an excellent backup to a Quality QB....Greene would make an excellent back up cheerleader

if they're gonna spend 400K on a quality QB...why didnt they spend it on Burris?....that woulda saved this entire season.

According to one local radio station's website:

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Shivers Still GM For Now

Roy Shivers is still the Riders GM but as for how much longer that may be the case is anyone's guess. The team's board of directors could not come to a decision on Shivers' future during a Saturday meeting and decided that the best course to take at this time is to run things business as usual. The issue will be revisited once the Grey Cup is over and Shivers has presented a report to the board on the 2005 season and what needs to be done for 2006. In the meantime, Shivers will be headed to Vancouver with Danny Barrett, C-E-O Jim Hopson and board chair Graham Barker for Grey Cup festivities.

Sounds like nothing is cast in stone yet, at least according to Mitchell Blair.....

Burris is a good QB but not worth 400K...maybe when he can lead the Stumps to the GC.. For as Shitty as Ray played he did win a GC for Edm....but I can see the evil empire doling out another record breaking contract for someone like Printers.

The Esks like to groom their own quarterbacks.

The Roughriders should try it somethime, unless they think old castaway Eskimo QBs like Crandell and Greene will bring them a cup.

EskJebus, we like to groom our own QBs too.....we've had Butler working his way from third stringer to third stringer for what, four - maybe five - years now??? :roll:

fuck the riders sux
they need a qb

Crandell= backup qb
Greene= 3rd or 4th string qb

If the Riders want to get further in the playoffs next season, or have a more succesful season than this one at least, then they need a new qb for sure. If Shivers or Barret don't acknowledge this fact, then i'd be really pi**ed off if i was a rider fan. And thankfully I'm not and I hate them. :slight_smile:

Actually Dentor, Burris is worth 400k. If Shivers had signed him this year, the Riders would have been playing tomorrow and Sask would have already seen a return on that investment. The Riders were just a quality QB away this season and this is coming from someone who has no particular love for the Rider program.

I think that they were a quality QB AND if a few key injuries didn't occur, away from having gone further in the playoffs. This is coming from someone who dislikes the riders, as well.

Well your entitled to your opinion but the point is moot since A) shivers decided not to top Calgarys offer and B) Burris's wife did not want manure dumped on her driveway :slight_smile:...
.I agree though with Burris we probably had a good chance at the Cup.. we were what? one kick away last year. he still hasnt been to the show so I cant see how you would pay him 400K or Printers for that matter.
But hey thats only my opinion :slight_smile:

Last year, they did not spend 400k$ on a QB because they thought they could have as much success with a cheaper one. Now that reality smacked them good on the back of the head, they will probably think of going where they did not want to go last year.

You know, people laugh a lot at the Alouettes for they have the shittiest back-up in pro football history, but when I look at some other teams, I’m quite glad we do have a great starter. Better that than having nothing but good back-ups.

This is a serious question: If the Riders can’t get their hand on a young promising QB this winter, would they be better trying out Dany Mac* at QB for one year or just keep things the way they are?

  • Because I’m sure he’s tradable if any team wants him.

And considering Hamilton will be getting Mass in 2006......

I agree the Riders need a good STARTING qb to compete. Our two back-ups just don't cut it. The only question is who to get. I don't think they have a shot at one of BC's qb's (although they could trade some o-lineman for Dickenson), but what about Kerry Joseph? Or maybe trying to get Buck Pierce? Until Shivers sees this I think the Riders will be in the same rowboat next year. What sucks is they could have made a play at Maas before Hamilton did and traded away Keith (we are better off with Holmes anyway).