Shivers starting safety

Anybody hear anything about Shivers starting at safety over Barker because of the high risk style of defence being implemented?

I guess it makes sense with the safety having to cover 1-on-1 for most of the time, but why Shivers? I feel bad for Barker though, I thought he played pretty well last season.

Drew mentioned a couple days back that they were rotating both in there. I am including the post and a link the the whole article.

"Q. Any idea why Shivers is at safety??? Do they think that Barker is not ready?? I find this very strange.

I mentioned in my training camp preview that the Cats were toying with an import safety - Daniel Francis played there during the off-season workouts - and Shivers has spent the first two days of camp there. In Chamblin's man-to-man scheme - referred to as cover zero because there's no safety help - the safety needs to a good cover guy. Barker has played a centrefielder type safety his whole career, reading the play and then helping where needed. His man-to-man skills aren't quite at the level of Shivers.

It's tough for Barker because he's out of a starting job more due to scheme than play. But he'll contribute on special teams, in certain defensive packages and, remember, it's early: injury and circumstance can change the ratio in a hurry."

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Oy! Thanks zenstate!

Yeah, I feel exactly the same way.

I was looking forward to watching Barker grow and progress as a pro.

If they do go this way, wonder if he'd have a high trade value?

I don't think they trade him, before he was starting he was the best special teamer in the league( in terms of tackles ). We also need the Canadian depth.

Shivers is obviously better at man to man cover but Barker hits a lot harder. Both traits are crucial and beneficial to the team.

Not saying they would trade him, just wondering if he is not starting, if another team would be willing to give up something substantial for such a player. I'd bet most GMs would be willing to listen to any offers, no? Having said that, I'd like him to stay here, but as has been said, "In Obie I trust".

Would be cool to see Barker and Shivers both on the field when the defence calls for 6 DBs.

i did notice Barker taking some snaps at half, but his cover skills arnt that good so im guessing they were just attempting to get him reps, personally i dont like this move, but i must admit Shivers has a nose for turnovers, guess its my patiotism coming through cause i feel bad for Bark

I don't care who plays where. I just want to win.

If the 5 starters were all imports then I can almost guarantee the nickel would be a Canadian.

According to Drew today, Ryan Hinds was taking reps at Safety too...