Shivers soon to be with BC

Yes, management did know Trevis Smith was HIV positive. And they also knew he was being investigated by the police.
And your point is....?
Graham Barker, Jim Hopson, Roy Shivers and Danny Barret all knew. But apparently only Roy was a "distraction"?
And I'll ask you the same question I asked Sambo, and the one Jman just asked. What would you have liked them to do differently?
Was the Smith issue a distraction at the time? Yes. Because the media and fans like to sensationalize things.
But how does this affect the hiring of Roy Shivers in BC?
The simple answer is, it does not.

The thing is Arius, he became a big enough distraction to the organization that they had to fire him. It would have been a bigger distraction to the team and the fans if he had lasted until the end of 2006!

Arius, saying that Roy Shivers was not a distraction is like saying Britney Spears is the mother of the year...

The beauty of making comparisons, Sambo, is they can help your cause...or hinder it.
Without much trouble at all, one can make a list as long as your arm about the various behaviours and circumstances that make Britney Spears a lousy mother (and an emotional train wreck at this time), but you haven't actually come up with an example as yet as to what made Roy Shivers a distraction in Riderville, and an example of a behaviour or circumstance that would make him a distraction in BC.
By making the comparison you did, you merely emphasised how feeble the "case" proving Roy was or could be a distraction actually is....