Shivers soon to be with BC

I'm surprised the Lions are replacing Bobby O with Shivers. Shivers definitely has good experience in the league and I hope he helps the Lions in his Player Personnel role.

Do you think this is a good move by Wally?

Roy was never my favourite, but I think it is a good move by the Lions. He is a good judge of talent, and I will admit, he did sign a ton of good players for the Riders, many of them were on the '07 GC team. He will be more than adequate replacment for Obie.

yep, you couldn't find two more diametrically-opposed personalities doing the same job, as Obie and the Shiv...:slight_smile:

He is an excellent judge of talent...and if you can get him to keep his mouth shut, you'll do fine...

I like him lol... Good for BC. But RIDERS are better!

No one has brought more talent into the league in the last 25 years than Roy Shivers. The Lions are lucky to have him (again).
He did a good job in Saskatchewan; he'll do a good job in BC.

'Nuff said.

And reading the newspaper article, Shivers will work from his home on Nevada, so he wont be a distraction.

He has found alot of players. As long as they keep him in that role, I think we'll be fine!

Why would Roy be a distraction?
It is likely he will spend most of his time in Vegas and scouting, but he was never a "distraction" in Saskatchewan, or Calgary or BC when he was there previously. Some people don't like his shoot from the hip approach--personally, I miss that and wish more people were like that. But how is that "distracting"?
All he did was a very good job for all those organizations and left all 3 better when he left than when he arrived.
Frankly, as just a personnel guy (scout), Roy is an upgrade over OB.

:lol: :lol: Arius your just so dam funny!

More smoke signals from Calgary?
A distraction is what happened in Calgary this year with the circus surrounding which receiver would be benched this week, which coach would be fired and finally replacing Higgins without actually firing him.
Those are distractions.
Now tell me what Roy, in his 25 years in the league has ever done that is even remotely a "distraction" by those standards?

Roy is a good pick up for BC.
No doubts about that at all.

Arius, I see it as a distraction if he is up here seeking media attention. Saying this and saying that. If he stays in Vegas and just finds players, and doesn't undermine the Coach(s) and GM he will be fine!

Arius, would you not call the Trevis Smith affair, that ultimately led to Roy's firing, a distraction?

Bring it up son bring it up you have nothing but funny comments to make. Thats face it you will probably name your next dog Roy! The guy is done a retread. You bring up the stamps what for because you have nothing?

The only way Shiv will find a player is at Nevada state penn or at the poker tables. He is done like toast. :lol: :lol:

If the Trevis Smith incident was a factor in Roy being fired, then Jim Hopson is even more incompetant than I currently believe him to be. And that is saying a lot.
How was the Trevis Smith incident even remotely the fault of Roy Shivers? And why would he have been fired for it?
If it was a distraction, it was not the fault in anyway of the GM or the coach.
Once charges were lain, Trevis Smith was immediately suspended. At season's end, he was released.
As we have had this debate numerous times before, it amazes me that I need to ask again, what would you have liked to have had them do differently, and thereby prevent this "distraction"?
And how was this "distraction" Roy's fault?

The question becomes, why would he be seeking media attention?
Did he morph into Eric Tillman overnight?
What you are talking about has never been a problem in the 25 years Roy has been in the league.
Suddenly, it is a big concern?
If you don't want him to say this, or say that in the media, don't ask him any questions. He tends to answer them.
But you simply do not have any track record, despite the guy being in the league for 25 years, to base any concerns on.

So actually, you have nothing useful to add to this conversation?
Did you get a lot of coal in your stocking at Christmas or what, because I have noticed an awful lot of "edit--off topic"s attributed to you since then....?

Roy has gotten mostly a bad rap because he wasn't media friendly, not because he was a distraction.

I wouldn't say he's never been a distraction, he did publicly blast the team a few times, but I would be lying if I said it wasn't warranted.

He did say a few things while he was not with the team that weren't flattering, but you can't count that as a distraction because like I said, he wasn't with the team anymore.

He'll do just fine finding Wally talent in his new role.

You didn't mention that management knew of the problem and did nothing to down play the media findings. Sort of like close your eyes it might go away attitude.

What could they do?