Shivers is silent no more!

Shivers delivers - 'Riders GM unloads on players after loss

The most outspoken GM in the CFL had been relatively quiet this season.

Until lately.

Saskatchewan's Roy Shivers blasted his Roughriders with both barrels in the dressing room right after they dropped a 24-18 decision to the struggling Eskimos in Edmonton on Friday.

"If somebody's feelings were hurt, I really don't care," Shivers told the Regina Leader-Post. "You don't lose to a team like this. Games that should be easy, we make them difficult.

"I told them you'd better get your head out of your a--. Some of you aren't as good as you think you are."

Shivers was particularly frustrated with the fact that the 'Riders kept failing to finish drives.

"How many times were we in the red zone, the green zone, the pink zone, whatever they want to call it?" asked Shivers. "Our coaches have to figure a way to get into the end zone ... Don't settle for field goals."

The defence did not get off the hook, either.

"The defence played a helluva game for 57, 58 minutes, then they let (the Eskimos) stick it up their a-- at the end," Shivers said. "You know they're going to run the ball, and they ran it right up the gut. We've got two guys inside (Nate Davis, Scott Schultz) who are supposed to be great tackles, but we can't stop them."

Well, sounds like he's calling out the whole team to step it up, what you didn't here from Shivers, because the audio was turned off. He stated... "the fans of the Rider Nation should start cheering with balls and stop Lolly-gagging n there predictions"..oh well only time will tell if the rant was effective :wink:

It wont be, because he needs to get some balls himself and bring in players on the practice roster to compete for jobs. Time to scare some of these guys-- I would bring in a receiver, a Dlineman , Olineman, running back and linebacker. If these players are better , then put them in for a couple of games and let the vets sit at home and get them to think about how they are playing the game. I said a long time ago that a lot of players on this team have no pride in their play, and their record at this point of the season shows just that-- they are too secure in their jobs and they need to be shaken up a bit, maybe a vet needs to be traded to show the others that if you dont play to your potential, you will end up somewhere else.

Well my take is that the players needed some one to let them know but is that not Danny Barrett's job. The other problem in most cases this will cause many of the players to quit on the mouth piece. Danny better mend the fences but at the same time shake these guys up! Not In Shivers fashion!

At this point what does Shivers have to lose? He either has to get this team rolling or (hoepfully for Sask fans) lose his job.

Personally I hope this rant doesn't work.

HAs he not lost his job already! I think the way this team is playing and the pure dislike for him at the end of last season Rider Nation would like to tar and feather him put him backwards on a donkey and slap it butt! Send him down the road! The guy has not done what he said he could do! Has he made the team competitive to a degree yes, have they found success to some degree! But what is it the Rider fans want they want more and I do not blame them.

Does Shivers not need to take some responsibility here? He brought in the coach.....he brought in the players.....he is the GM after all.....

He will just retire, Barrett will be promoted to GM and they will pass over the HC job to Hall.

The communication should be to his coach not directly at the players. This team is going to quit on these guys and frankly I do not blame them. These guys are professionals they know when they screw up. The GM gets the players the coach gets them to win! Joan do you think this is happening and do you think by Shivers having temper tantrums is going to scare these guys into playing better! I doubt it. This should have been directed at the coaches. Then it is up to them to fix the problems. A GM should never berate players in front of their peers! I am sure they have less respect then they did before the game.

Not Joan, thank you very much.....

But to answer your question, I wouldn't be surprised if the players "checked out" during Shiv's tirades now. He's done it twice on the sidelines already this season, now in the dressing room. Should that not be the job of the Coach? Why isn't Barrett losing it like that?

Right I think thats what I said! Barrett's job is to lose it! Not the nut bar GM. The players would respect it much more coming from Barrett! Barrett needs to come to grips with his team since when is he the puppet of the gambling fool! And for the nutbar to name names in front of the team well that is class less!

Shiv isn't known for his

Really, he just embarrasses himself ranting like he has been in public.....

So then what is Nate talking about here is his statment:

"We have made the playoffs 4 years in a row, before Roy and DB got here you guys weren't even competitive. You all should chill and be happy we are still in the playoff hunt"

Did I dream this up? I couldn't believe my ears and I couldn't believe there was no thread on here about it.

This is the attitude it seems. Make the playoffs and all is good. MD made refference to it as well when he said something along the lines of, " Every year we come out slow and we have a late season charge and we end up making the playoffs so it's too early to panic, we've seen this movie before"

I get the feeling a lot of the players know the history of the team and think they are the greatest thing this province has seen and think the playoffs are a treat for this fan base.

In an 8 team league when 6 teams make the playoffs and you have had the same coaches, gm for 7 years, you'd think the playoffs would be considered a gimmie by now and the goals would be a bit broader. I mean what are your excuses? Other teams have had rebuilding years and have since comeback strong. Sure Hamilton has stunk for a while, but where is the coach they started the year with?

Roy said the same thing last year when the shat hit the fan over T.Smith.
He said something about how this team was a perrenial loser before he got here and we should basically be happy making the playoffs.

Well after 7 years, the playoffs should no longer be the goal, a move in the standings from 3 or 4th crossover to second would be nice. Are we asking to much out of a 7 year regime?

Nate Davis Pizza Hut poster boy!

Agree, it's the head coach that should deliver that message...not the show Boat manager...the Riders are right in the thick of about sounding the Riot Act to early...

Agreed that Shiv voicing off about this was over the top, but this really isn't any different from when David Asper went ballistic from his seat during an actual Bombers home game last season that he actually was tossed from Canad Inns Stadium by security.

I just hope that the BOG doesn't totally morph into the standing pat-ness of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment and actually does some shuffling in the off-season, if not now.

"Doesn't morph into....."?? What are they now? lol

Or how they've always been for the past 7 years, but I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt; just like how most Rider fans have been doing. :lol: :roll:

Giving Shiv the benefit of the doubt is what got us into this mess in the first place..... :lol:

That’s how we felt about Pat Quinn, now look where he is. I hope y’all can do the same with Shiv, but then knowing you guys luck, he’ll probably whup out “the race card.” :roll:

I agree with this 100% Danny Barrett should be taking some pride in his team and calling out his players when things don't go well (pretty much all year). He seems to be more content giving credit to how well the other team has played, and not addressing how poorly his own team is playing. If he wishes to admire the play of other teams than critizing his own team, perhaps he would make a better TSN analyst than CFL coach!