It was abit of surprise to me that Wally hired Roy Shivers to begin with but what has the guy contributed so far. Not much as far as I can see. Obillivich did a much better job. He is showing it again in Hamilton. I am not convinced that Roy is TOTALLY over the hill yet but he has to get out of the house more and actually start looking for players. PUT DOWN THAT CIGAR ROY AND START PRODUCING PLAYERS LIKE YOU DID IN THE GLORY DAYS. You can't rely on your reputation forever. And I would keep that reputation with the woman under wraps!

Are you kidding me?!

You want to know what he's done? He's found:

  • Martell Mallett
  • Emmanuel Arceneaux
  • Trestin George

That's just naming a few... most of the guys that stick through camp are his finds.

Do your research before you mouth off... 90% of the guys that have come up and stuck have been found by Shivers, it's always been mentioned in the past. 2 of those guys were good enough to get a shot a the NFL after their first year (Mallett and Logan) and a 3rd will get his shot next year (Arceneaux).

Do your research before your spout off and make personal attacks.

Well first of all, Martell Mallet was recommended by former lions Carl Kidd, who was one of Martell's coaches. Stephan Logan was found by Bobby Ackles, Emmanual Arceneaux and Tristin George both send their tapes to Neil McEnvoy. I hardly see how Roy Shivers discovered these players. If Roy would just put down his cigar long enough, he just might be able to find some good players this year before it is too late. Roy can't leave the recruiting to everyone else when he is getting good money to do the job himself. So, you do your research buddy! His recruiting talents dwindled in Sask and aren't getting much better in B.C.

Stefan Logan was found by Shivers. I'm trying to find the old article but can't find the link... I remember his quote though, something along the lines of "When I first saw this guy, I had to get his DVD's and grab myself a coke"

Edit: Found the article
"But Logan was finally sent packing once Bill Parcells was given the keys to reshape another NFL club, whereupon Medlock -- known in these parts as the lead representative for former B.C. quarterback Casey Printers -- called Lions personnel director Roy Shivers."

[url=] ... 802d4c190b[/url]

Again, it went through Roy and he looked at his tape before inviting him to camp.

Emmanuel Arceneaux was also well known to Shivers.
“We really liked him on tape and we followed that up,? Buono says. “Roy [player personnel director Roy Shivers] knew a coach who had worked him out for an NFL team. He was recommended to go to training camp but the personnel guy wouldn’t go for it.?

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

Trestin George was a recruit of Roy Shivers.
"...cornerback last year, when Trestin George took his spot, an original recruit to the CFL by Lions personnel director Roy Shivers"

[url=] ... fault.aspx[/url]

Bottom line, he is the director for a reason..if tape gets sent in or recommendations come in he's the guy that's going to do the research and report back to Wally.

I did my research, where's yours? Stop being a troll.

First of all, all of the tapes that come in go directly to Neil McEnvoy and he is the one that does all the hard work going through all these tapes and then you have the gull to credit Shivers for the discovery. TELL ROY TO PUT DOWN THAT CIGAR AND START PRODUCING. Don't you know that you discover someone by hard work, research, and getting out and finding the player yourself not by someone recommending them to you. The person who passes them on to you is the one who has discovered them. Come on man, who are you trying to kid. It's like you are saying Roy Shivers discovered the man on the moon for god's sake.
Get with it bud!