***Shivers and Barrett staying with RUFFIES

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Saskatchewan/2005/12/01/1332442-cp.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 42-cp.html[/url]

Roy Shivers is staying put as general manager of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Shivers' future had come into question following the late-season arrest of linebacker Trevis Smith on sexual assault charges, with police saying the player is HIV-positive, and the club's mediocre 9-9 record and first-round playoff loss this season.

But in a statement issued Thursday, the club said its board met to review the 2005 season and unanimously supported Shivers' year-end report and his recommendations for the 2006 campaign.

Shivers has one more year remaining on his contract with the Roughriders.

The retention of Shivers also means Danny Barrett, the club's head coach and assistant general manager, is staying put. Barrett, too, has a year remaining on his contract.

Buying out both Shivers and Barrett reportedly would've cost the community-owned franchise $400,000.

Shivers and Barrett have been with the Roughriders since 2000, with the club compiling a 48-59-1 overall record. Saskatchewan has made the playoffs the past four years and twice reached the West Division final, but it has never finished higher than third in the West Division and hasn't hosted a playoff game since 1988.

its better that they keep these 2 guys for 1 more year...

rather than paying them $400 000 to NOT be there... then have to hire 2 more guys for $350 000+...which would cost them $750 000 to replace 2 positions that are NOT on the field.

better to use any money they do have, to buy a good QB...if theres one out there ( depending on if Printers stays or goes to NFL )?