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Shivers built Riders' linebacker corps
B.C.'s talent finder reaped a bumper crop of recruits in 2006 -- for Regina
Lowell Ullrich, The Province
Published: Friday, November 07, 2008
REGINA -- Roy Shivers said it was one of his best recruiting classes in years. Too bad for the Lions director of player personnel it was three seasons ago, and it was for the team they will face in the West Division semifinal.

As general manager of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the straight-talking Shivers signed three linebackers in 2006 who have become jet fuel for their overall attack.

Outside backers Anton McKenzie and Sean Lucas are going to be a load for the Lions when they step on to the windswept tundra (1:30 p.m. TSN, Team 1040) to try to salvage their season Saturday.

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Font:****Middle man Maurice Lloyd is just a downright menace.

Together, the Saskatchewan trio, which hasn't even been intact all year due to injuries, have 238 tackles this season -- and if you want to compare, that's 65 more than the Lions' starting group of Javy Glatt, Otis Floyd and Jamall Johnson.

See how Saturday's game might be decided? See what Shivers did?

"Yes, that was one of those years you have every once in five or six," B.C.'s personnel man said somewhat sheepishly from his home in Las Vegas. "Usually you get one player that makes an impact, but never that many. At training camp that year we knew they were going to be special. That's the strength of their defence."

It'll be a success if the Lions can keep tailback Stefan Logan away from McKenzie, Lucas and Renauld Williams, who is also part of the Riders' rotation. But the Riders still have Lloyd, whose lateral speed is as good as any defender not named Cam Wake.

Lloyd's hit on Edmonton quarterback Ricky Ray was highlight-reel material. Buck Pierce of the Lions knows Lloyd the same way from a game this season. Truth be told, it seems every big hit on a B.C. quarterback the last three seasons has come from a Rider.

"He doesn't just spark their defence. He sparks their whole team," said Lions slotback Geroy Simon. "You can't let him and those guys go downhill."

And to think the smallish Lloyd went undrafted in the NFL out of Connecticut, where he played with Lions receiver O'Neil Wilson, because he was deemed at workouts to be too slow.

"A lot of people say I'm not that fast, but I know how to put myself in the right situation," said Lloyd, who breaks out into a grin when confirming his pending off-season free-agent status.

So the game Saturday becomes simple, in a way. B.C. must keep Pierce from meeting up with Lloyd and anyone else wearing green who ventures into the Lions backfield. Saskatchewan has a target on the pint-sized Logan.

"There's no other way to sugar-coat it, we've got to keep [Logan] contained," said Lloyd. "There's not many running backs I show respect to, but I do with that man. Everybody looks at him as short, but he plays like he's 6-1."

And Lloyd figures if he doesn't get to Logan, his fellow linebackers will.

"It's like Lego; one part can't be without the other," he said. "We had a plan to be the best linebacking corps in the league, and I think we've succeeded."

Just like Shivers had it planned, only three seasons too early.

I wish Shivers would stop trying to take all this credit for never having more than 9 wins in any of his seasons as a GM.

ET did what Shivers couldnt do. He hired 2 good head coaches. Won Grey Cup and 2 home playoff games. But Shivers recruited some great players. What is wrong with saying that? Team is more ET recruits than Shivers now. But Lloyd and Mckenzie and Lucas are great lbs and I say thank you Shivers. I dont blame him for what the newspaper writes.

2003 11-7 third place

Shivers can take credit for finding these guys. he did. I believe Hunt and maybe George White (when shivers was in Calgary, may be completely wrong here) also. Shivers was somewhat lucky, as it took him like 4 years to get rid of Trevis Smith

Shivers did sign some great talent. But so has ET. Look at some of the players we have thanks to ET. Especially this year when our team was almost all injured at one point.

I have never seen so many fans getting upset at what clearly has been the strong point of our game this year. Why not leave Shivers alone he has been gone for over two years now.

But if you really want to look at some thing with a real critical eye....why note look at Eric. I mean here is guy who traded away one of the best quarterbacks we have in year, that lead the team to victory and MOP year. For what, a has been who never was in Crandell, a guy who has a rocket for an arm but get past playing high school football in Bishop, to a guy who known more for his running ability then throwing in Jyles and finally Durant who can manage a game.

Now what happens next year, wait we are back where we started this year looking for a new quarterback. But wait there is some good news we could go with one of young guys. But we need Miller and Tillman to jerk them around again all season so we don't have a starter again going into the playoffs.

I think Durant potentially has a future, Jyles I doubt it, he just doesn't have it in my books.

Bitter, Mike? Jerked them around to 12 wins. I'm really glad to see that mediocrity is no longer acceptable in Rider Nation but we can also appreciate what a truly amazing year we had.

yeah, we had a good year.

but look at how many times we had to fight our way back in order to win?

of those 12 wins we got, how many of them were convincing wins without any doubts?


maybe 3?

the 2 wins vs Edmonton and one of the wins versus Montreal..

every other win, could have been losses. and were pretty lucky if you truly look at it.

You want to be a real winner? where nobody doubts your team?

you have to go out and win convincingly all the time! or nearly all the time!

Shivers and Barrett had 1 winning season. 1. But Miller and Tillman are ruining the Riders. Jerking qbs around. Ruining the team with 12 wins. 12 wins twice. Tell me this Mike. If Ottawa didnt fold Kerry Joseph is never with the Riders. Do you think Riders would have done this? Won 12 with Butler or Greene?

Tillman has made good moves. but he had to do it with what he was given!

it’s not like he could control his players getting hurt or not.

how was he to know that Dominguez, flick, bowman, bauman, Cates, etc would all go down with injuries?

you can’t see these things coming.

next year he will find a way. he’ll bring in a QB that will show promise.

it may be a QB in the CFL today, it may not!

but he’s not going to just sit there and not make improvements!

you never know, he could go get Jackson!.. maybe he’ll get Williams from Hamilton!?

maybe Glenn will wanna come back!

there’s a guy in Calgary that has shown a lot of promise!

we will overcome our issues.

Tillman has to do what Shivers didnt do. Get a good young qb or 2. Will he do it? He has 2 or 3 more years. If not he will be fired like Shivers. But Shivers had 7 years. Not right to give ET crap on qbs after only 2 years. Bell may be a good 1. But Bishop is not. He had his chance. Miller played him to long today.

I say no on Richie Williams. Throws no better than Nealon Greene. Dont want that again.

I think both Durant and Jyles and possibly that Bell guy are the future of this team. No need to go out and get another quarterback.

Quit turning this into the weekly Eric vs Shivers debate. Shivers recruited some very good players to this team, Eric also recruited some very good players. The end. :slight_smile:

Austin and other Eric defenders

All I have heard this year from you, is let Crandell play with the starters and we will see what he can do.

Then it was let Bishop play with the starters and we will see what he can do.

Why was it that when Durant and Jyles were able to win without the starters, that it became important for either Bishop or Crandell to have the starters. Sorry you can't have it both ways.

Now we are looking at another year of uncertianity at quarterback because of Eric Tillman. Before you go off and start it is Mike hating Eric b.s. dispute the following:

  1. One of the reasons Joseph was traded was age and the need to develop the young guys into starters (Eric said so himself). Do you honestly think that either Durant or Jyles have had enough playing experience this year to be confirmed a starter next season and we won't have growing pains with either of them? I don't, I think they will a number of bad games that will have the riders in third place or worse, because they don't have the experience.

  2. Do you think the riders need to trade for legitimate starter from another team? I don't know of many quarterbacks right now that would fit the riders offensive scheme, it could be hard to find a fit. Lets look at some of the names being tossed out, Glenn he is not mobile so wouldn't fit, Printers way to expensive if we couldn't afford Joseph, JJ in BC doubtful that wally would trade him, Joseph Eric won't bring him back because it would be admiting he was wrong. So where do we get a starter from, our young guys who don't have enough experience. Once again starting the quarterback merry go round.

  3. Do you honestly believe that either Tate (who seems to have been replaced as the next great qb hope) or Bell could replace Durant or Jyles? They have even less CFL experience and if it was Tate, he is more injury prone then Printers. Sorry neither of these guys will replace Durant, but they may replace Jyles.

  4. Did you realistically, think at the beginning of the season that Crandell would be gone (despite promises by Eric he could have won the cup last year), the riders wouldn't have had enough believe in either Durant or Jyles to make them the starter with Crandell gone (despite promises from Eric that they were almost ready and the riders needed to go with youth only to bring in another old guy)? Based on everything Eric promised with Joseph trade, I was willing to accept we needed to have a youth movement, I think getting rid of Joseph for Crandell was mistake...but oh well....but then not to go with the youth movement was another lie told to fans.

  5. Can the riders afford to keep Bishop, not if they want the fans back. So tell me once again who created this quarterback problem was it Joseph asking for what he was promised by Eric or was Eric having an ego because Joseph talked publicly?

Oh brother... :roll: :roll:

How many times have their been successful negotations through the media, which is basically what Joseph did... had he called or met with ET maybe he is still a Rider. You might not want to admit it, but Joseph has an ego just as much as Tillman does.. I do agree that Durant and Jyles need more playing time, but we also need a veteran QB who can come in if needed should either of the young guys fail. If we are going to develop either Durant or Jyles, it has to be done right.