Shipwrecks at Leos Game Thread (Sept. 11, 4 p.m. ET, TSN)

Argonauts at Lions
Today at 4pm et/1pm pt
Available on TSN HD

May the first game lead into a perfect doubleheader: GO LIONS! LOL's game preview is at .

Oski Wee Wee,


We'll see what this game brings

I would love it to bring Advil for what I just saw. LOL :wink:

I thought at the beginning it be a closer game. But no can do. But then again Hamilton was in it for a while thanks to their defense.

Lion's stop em cold on 3rd and goal

Robinson was WIDE OPEN.

Too easy!

Toronto 7 BC 0

7-0 Argos. Big surprise there. :roll:

8-0 Toronto after 1 quarter

Lions respond with a TD

8-7 now after Printers-to-Davis...

Lemon cannot squeeze the ball ----fumblllllllllllllllllllllllle!

Lions almost score again with Davis -- now threatening!

TD Messam

BC 14-8 with the impending convert.

21-8 now...

Perhaps the Lions can come through for Ticat nation...LOL

oops, looks like you spoke too soon, oui oui. :stuck_out_tongue:

21-15 as the Shipwrecks respond....

Jim Barker has been looking more and more on the sidelines, like he needs a good stiff drink. :expressionless:

Wow. Chad Owens. So close. For a white guy he can move.

Who was that, Franco Harris on that kick return for BC? WOW! What determination!

28-15 at the moment for BC…

I'm surprised nobody but us are watching this game, oui oui. BC doing all they can to keep our sorry butts in second place.