Shipwrecks at Larks Game Thread (Nov. 7, 4 pm et, TSN)

Sunday, November 7
Toronto at Montreal
4 pm et / 1 pm pt

We have a tale of two cities. Toronto is already assured of a date with the Cats at IWS for the EDSF, while the Als are bubble wrapping AC on the bench and going with Adrian McPherson. I expect backups galore in this one. I suspect the bakery will be closed for a week before Steeltown gets its share of lemon turnovers. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

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Russ's game preview is at .

Of note:

"For Toronto, finishing with a .500 record would be nice, but the future game that really matters is on Nov. 14 when they will travel to Hamilton for the East Division semifinal.

So, like Montreal, they will sit out many of their top players, including star running back Cory Boyd and kick returner Chad Owens, to avoid injuries.

The Alouettes will sit out quarterback Anthony Calvillo, running back Avon Cobourne, receivers Ben Cahoon, Jamel Richardson and Kerry Watkins, guard Scott Flory, linebacker Chip Cox and rush end Anwar Stewart."

Battle of the backups. LOL

Cleo Lemon will see some action, but all three Argo pivots are slotted to play today.

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TSN's NFL coverage is over, so the game is on there now.

Touchdown Argonauts....

7-0 Wrecks after the Lemon-to-Watt bomb TD.

Als give up another big play!

Maypray scorches the turf with a huge return -- Als have the ball inside the red zone...

Als stall inside the 10 -- bad hold, single point for the Als.

Cahoonless hold...

7-1 Toronto

7-1 Toronto after one quarter.

WTF R these coaches doing? They're not playing all their starters!


Saturday is not a day of rest in Marcelland... LOL

7-4 Toronto, 10:01 left, 2nd quarter

21-4 Wrecks, 2:22 left, 2nd quarter

Montreal’s Backup Bowl looks…well…backed up!

Unlike some team we know, these teams are doing the right thing re who they are playing in this game, IMHO.

Hey... like you mean the game is on NOW? I just got in from raking the lawn for 3 hrs. and figured it was an aft. game that I would miss. Why in the world did they schedule it so late?

21-4 Toronto...I'm stuck with radio again so I don't know what's really going on, but with so many substitutes it's hard to know whether to take any of it seriously at all...anything for the Cats to worry about?

Well, Spencer Watt at receiver is showing great wheels. He's been the highlight so far.

21-4 Wrecks at the half.

27-4 Toronto...Als are challenging a T.O. TD...

13:34 left in this Old Yellerable game LMAO

Play was reversed...

Shaw hits the upright...

Still 27-4 LMAO

From what I have seen the A*&^H*&^% look and act very confident with nice Canadian depth. Their defence has improved with the addition of Adriano Bellie. Looks like they are much improved and have a score to settle. The Tiger Cats on the other hand need to come up with a solid defensive and offensive plan. The Ar*&^H&^%$ have a backup - we have a guy who has not taken his level of paly to the pro level. I say once again - we will need a superior effort to win next Sunday. If we match up player to player - from each team at each position - were in big trouble.

That was an interesting game afterall.

  • it was a contest rich with backups and Montreal stunk
  • Montreal isn't rolling into the playoffs with any momentum
  • McPherson looked terrible, Brannagan looks like he deserves another look next year
  • Belli's back. Kudos to Spencer Watt

Guess what kids, Montreal is beatable.

Absolutely Montreal is beatable. Problem is, so are we. And the Argos are the team that can beat both Ticats and Alouettes. Right now, I’m betting Las Vegas odds are about 50/50.