Shiltz: 'We're battle tested'

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats moved one game closer to clinching their spot in the 2022 CFL Playoffs with their 30-27 win over the Ottawa REDBLACKS on Friday night.

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I am a huge Cat fan, but I am uncertain what to take from this game. For me, I didn't think the Tigers played well - particularly since Ottawa had so many out with injuries. So is it that there isn't a lot of difference between any of the teams and the only thing separating first from last place is consistency and coaching - or what? I want the Cats to make the play-offs, but man they need to sharpen up now!

Congrats to the Cats for overcoming the odds & making a crossover pretty darn unlikely at this point. Certainly not how I thought their season would play out a few weeks ago. They do of course have to thank the Riders for a monumental nosedive. Some heads may be saved in Ham. by this while others will roll in Sask. I'm thinking.

It's a damn shame what's going on in Saskatchewan this season . :rofl:

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Yes, so sad. I'm going to look around the place later for my bottle of sympathy, I seem to have misplaced it somewhere (or maybe I'll just watch football instead).


while it certainly helped, the Cats beating the riders, the bombers, and the stamps might have had something to do with it.

Even losing one of those games could have been the end for your team. Congrats.

our team is so hot and cold.

last night in the first half I couldn't understand that it was the same Cats that won those three key games.

We have a good enough team, but poor coaching. That's why we are so hot and cold. This team with a better coach (head coach and OC) would be much more consistent.

Watching that first half I thought I was in a time machine that teleported me back to the start of the season all over again .

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Good crowds in Hamilton this season. Nice base to promote GC 2023, depending what roster moves the Cats make.

I could be wrong on this but I think that a good portion of the team is already signed thru to 2023 .

after seeing the crowds in Edmonton this year, I sure don't 'resolve' to be more like that revered franchise.

we are holding out own, with almost 90% capacity, on a year where we are sub 500.

CFL is alive in Hamilton.

I believe that Shiltz is right about the Cats being "battle tested." I am beginning to think that their offensive coach needs to be better prepared for the games - there are far too many times you can see that the offense has no plan or idea of what their next move will be - this has to improve for the play-offs!

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Condell is absolutely our weak spot in our coaching.

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Battle-tested indeed. Dane Evans will be donning a black eyepatch for the next game. The third place is not where these CATS will remain. :face_with_monocle: :ninja:

I would be very surprised to see the Hamilton Tiger Cats win their East-semi-final game versus the Montreal Alouettes on Nov 6/2022. :upside_down_face: The Cats have had a very poor season after appearing in the last two Grey Cup games. :thinking: They must win the turnover battle to have any chance of upsetting the Als in my humble opinion. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Coach "O" must be the "fall guy" :exclamation: