Shiltz to start at quarterback on Friday for Hamilton

HAMILTON β€” Matthew Shiltz will get the start at quarterback on Friday for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, after a shoulder injury has sidelined Dane Evans.

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I'm Happy for Shiltz. He left Mtl because it was not looking good for him with both Adams and Harris, the one two. With Masoli signing with Ottawa there was a spot for him in Hamilton. He took it. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets more than one start.

me too Ron. Really like him and think he will shine.

Not sure where Evans suffered the injury. It will be interesting to see how Shiltz does. If he does well, this could be the end of the season for Evans. Maybe Evans is better in relief.

Well lets just get this one. You can only play one at a time.

I doubt Evans has a shoulder injury. He's just not a very good QB. In his defense however, he is just good enough to lose.

I feel badly for Evans, but for some reason this does not surprise me. i wish him well in his recovery and wish Shilts to have a good game - he deserves this chance. Oskee-wee-wee!

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Good for Shiltz. I think he will do well. Just curious, who will be the backup QB ?

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Not enjoying this in the least! At a critical time in the football season, it is becoming evident that Canada only has two solid performing teams: the lions and the bombers.

Look forward to seeing Matt Shiltz :wink: under center for the Hamilton Tiger Cats rematch versus my hometown Argos in Hamilton Week 10 action. The Cats are banged up, I'm hoping the Argos prevail. :anchor:

It’s better than having Schiltz or the shitz.