Shhhhhhhhhh ! ------ Do you hear that?

Well, there's nothing to hear at long last other than the sounds of silence and quiet dignity.


No-- self-absorbed mouth pieces

No---Franchise players

No---locker room instigators.

No---overpaid under-performers who pee everbody off in the stands and in the locker room

All we have left is a whole bunch of players who are talented and probably want to do well as a team and work together to make Hamilton a proud franchise again. No more -one hit- wonders.

Mr. Young, I think you finally got the elusive formula captured-----------T-E-A-M !!

Now, my imagination is captured and my curiosity is piqued.

I like this and I especially like that we don't have a clue who to look to for heroics and how that will happen.

It's something like how we all felt in the Canada / Soviet Summit Series in 1972. Who really knew?

I think Printers has skills an can play well in the right system with prope support, but he was glass with us...getting hurt every second guts to fight through injuries and even attempt to play through pain. That, and his salary, are the main reasons I'm glad he's gone.

Plus, he didn't have the respect of his teammates. Remember the Charlton hit in Winnipeg?

From the day casey signed and told us to go get the popcorn it seemed to head down hill.Never lived up to the expectations thrown on him.

One of the most down to earth...bang on postes, I have read on this fourm, in a long, long, time.
I don't think anyone...could have said it better.


Yes, good stuff. Of course usually a team also needs a leader, so some say. :wink:

Now that there is some elbow room, one will emerge the old fashioned way. The players themselves will place the invisible -C- on someone's chest. That is the way these things are supposed to work.

Here's a question, how do you know that we don't have any of those?? How do you know that Printers or anyone else that we just let walk away for NOTHING was one of those?? How is not having a franchise player a good thing?? Sorry, guess that's more than one question.

3 actually