Sherritt re-fractures thumb

I am amazed that this could happen. Area 51 assured us that it was just a fractured thumb and by casting it there was no chance of further injury.

Mr. Know it all says a lot of things… :lol:

Wow...what horrid luck! Wonder if he came back too early or if this is a new break elsewhere on the thumb?

Sorry to hear for JC as I think he is one of the most dynamic football players in the league, unfortunately has been unable to show it this year. NOt entirely upset he isn't playing against us this weekend though.

This is precisely why players need to convalesce fully from injury/surgery before taking the field.

By rushing back into the lineup, JC could very well have chronic issues from here on in.

Playing linebacker with a cast, real smart. This is the same group that cleared Reilly to play five days after a concussion...

Good point. The said part is why...for a miracle chance at a crossover? I guess if they won last week it makes it a littl emore realistic, but now is the time to be auditioning.

Just goes to show how much of a weakling Sherritt really is. Not only did he hesitate to come back because of his boo-boo, but then he goes and breaks his thumb again, even though it was 100% protected by a cast? The team should just dump him the first chance they get.

:roll: :wink:

Maybe Hervey should see if he can play on the O-Line :roll: I mean those big fellas don't really use their thumbs anyways do they???? Is sad really but when you think about it,as long as Hervey is running the show over there,the Esks are in just as much or worse shape than the B.B.s are right now.It's kind of funny how the B.B.'s are the doormats in the league and Esks with only one more victory than them are just as bad in many ways and seem to be getting a free pass this season,as long as Hervey is running the show the Esks are going NOWHERE fast.In a way it's good that the B.B's are rejoining the West next season,they can keep the Esks company on the bottom of the pile.Quick prediction season the expansion Redblacks will have just as many or more wins than both these teams.

Free pass? Obviously you haven't read any Edmonton media or TSN.

Sad thing about the Esks is that on paper at least they seem to have way more talent than the B.B's do,but only one more victory than them.It is kind of funny though all the ex-Cats that litter both these rosters.In Edmonton,Hervey obviuosly didn't notice that the Cats D-backfield last year was unbelievably what does he do?? Goes out and signs 3 of our cast-offs for his team's backfield(Rwabukamba,Young and Hinds)and if that ain't bad enough he goes and trades us a starting O.L(Wojt)L.B.(Lawrence)and 3rd string Q.B(Masoli) for a back-up L.B(Kanya)who was never going to start for us anyway and draft pick OL Rockhill who gets cut in training camp and resigns with the Cats.Essentially a 4 for 1 trade,nice job there Eddie,thanks a bunch for that one :rockin: :rockin: Lets face it this guy would screw up a 2 car funeral,totally incompetent,in over his head,the man's a no nothing mental moron....and keeping with the ex-Cat theme.....Simeon Rottier....the man thrown under the bus???? Also an ex-Cat!!!! The Esks at one time were the model franchise that every other team aspired to be like,well guess what????? Your turns finally come to be a doormat,get used to it!!!!Cause as long as you got that "Ding Bat" in charge,your'e going to be there for a long,long,time.

Thanks for pointing that out, I have to agree with you on all points but it's not like we didn't notice.

The Esks had a lot of games they could haves on if not for inexperience or bad coaching decisions at the end of games though,so that’s why the scrutiny was less harsh.

Now that they’re out of the hunt and don’t seem to be improving, serious questions are being asked. They’re not getting a pass right now.