Sherko should appeal this Suspension! Show up Saturday nigh

Sherko, you should appeal this suspension! We stand behind you and Murphy and all the players! You guys are fighters all the way!

Make a statement Sherko! Appeal, and show up Saturday night!

You and Murphy WILL get a Standing Ovation!

you guys got your tickets yet? time to make some Noise?

He can use AJ Gass as a character witness!

I have my tickets and We are looking forward to it like all the games. I disagree about Sherko though. What he did was out of line and he got 1 game and its time to move on. I am surprised that there were no fines to Shultz or Chick when they fined Murphy. People forget that before being put down by Murphy, Chick grabbed him by the head and took his helmet off and then was put down and held there. I am still unclear as to what Rodgers did to get thrown out?? Does anyone know without just guessing?

He can appeal but I think that the Rider GM has played the league like a cheap fiddle and I doubt anything will occur as a result. The guy who should appeal is Cory Rogers as he got screwed.

You won't find the Lions wanting to keep this topic going as it is now overshadowing the football game this Sat vs the Stamps. Wally Buono was just on with Pratt and Taylor on 1040 and only at the end did the topic of the next game come up. I think that is bad for this week's attendance and this is the game that should really be bringing them in but the sounds of that gutless pissant Tillman are drowning out any efforts to get the media off the last game and looking at the next.

That gutless pissant and our coach won a grey cup for your fans. I hope they do it here. Unlike you we will appreciate it.

Maybe if your team didn't play dirty the talk would be on the next game. It's Edmontons fault. It's the leagues fault. It's Tillman fault. It's not your teams fault is it? What are you smoking?

Did you forget Buono said Perry dirty? Did you forget Buono said Perry should be suspended? The league said it was a clean hit. Tillman and Austin complain. The league looks at the film. And guess what? They suspend 1 and fine 2. But Tillman is the bad guy. Do you really think our Riders have that much power? More than Braley? The league saw the film. The league saw what Walby was yelling about. Walby a Bomber, the team that hates us.

Tillman has defended Money Man Braley here on the radio against callers. He has defended Buono before too. He defended Clermont last week. Last night he said Murphy should be remember as a great player. More great than dirty. He said he likes Murphy and he is a good guy. I would not have said that.

I am happy we have Austin and Tillman. And if your mad now how mad will you be when we beat you in the playoffs? Maybe in BC Place. Where they won a grey cup for you in that stadium right? Sad you forget. Sad you do not appreciate them. We do.

He wont appeal, (According to CKNW Radio 6:55am sports) Wally wants the media circus to go away.

Its over!

Bring on the Stamps!

Um I'm pretty sure the players had a pretty big part in I recall, they made the throws, tackles, receptions, runs, kicks, etc. during the game.

This should all go away now anyhow - it's over, done. Dragging it out is ridiculous - time to move on folks. The Lions have been penalized and have accepted their role in this and it's nothing more than beating a dead horse now (I hate that saying).

People are going to ride this "Lions are dirty" for as long as they can, aren't they? But where's the proof in this?....I don't recall any "league rulings" to support this claim. For you can't talk out of both sides of your mouth here. If it's the league that proves something to be "true" and is the deciding factor at the end of the day for you (like in the Riders/Lions skirmish), then isn't that always the case? You can't pick and choose to suit your own agenda. And I don't recall the league supporting this claim of "dirty play", so it's garbage and nothing more than heresay, whining and irrelevant. The players and fans making these claims have not had them substantiated by the league, so it's obviously not an issue and people need to get over it. Remember - the league decides - not the kangaroo court (or you).

If there was dirty play on behalf of the Lions, the league would be quite capable of determining that and dealing with it (and I'd expect that they would've by now). They haven't, so it's a non issue that needs to die a quick death. According to your standards.

For once, Wallabee was on the side of the Riders -- I think he was ready to come right out of the booth and get after Rasouli.
Hmmm Walby and Chris Schultz vs Ragouli and Murphy -- tag team -- I'll take the vets ...

Osama Bin Rasouli and Rob Murphy don't have the stones to stand up to ANYONE who isn't already on the ground ...

Feel stupid yet -- JACKASS ??

and that was directed at who?..elaborate.

Ignore him Debralynn, new poster with nothing better to do than insult people.

I won't elaborate -- I will have to dumb it down for you ...

Who am I referring to ?? YOU !!!

You felt that there was no reason to suspend anyone because they would have done it already -- well, they have -- not only the Kangaroo Court, but the league as well ...

You know the issue is done - Both the riders staff and the lions staff have accepted the league discipline and moved on. There are issues that are worth taking a stand over - fighting over - going to war over. This just simply isn't one of them. Let it go lol

I heard Sherko today he was not appealing this for two reasons:

  1. he respects the decision of the CFL.
  2. he doesn't want to distract the team from its focus on prepping for another tough game this week vs the Stampeders.
    Note: The Tillman ranting in Regina and BC media ran from Saturday to Tuesday when the focus should be on marketing next week's games in both cities.

Does anyone else think that somehow the GM of the Riders is trying to get fans to forget they just dropped 3 games in a row???? I actually thought he was just trying to get Lions suspended to improve his team's record but all he did was bring the CFL into disrepute and the CFL fined his butt for it.

Sherko also said on the radio that if this was a criminal charge he'd plead not guilty by reason of 3 seconds of insanity on his part.

And as for you -- you don't know anything about me -- just asked if she (or whoever Debralynn really is) felt silly because she was wrong -- what's your beef ???

....what's yours?....

don’t have one – and i wasn’t talking to you anyway – i guess that stumps logo says it all …

Of course if this were a criminal case, he would be convicted and not playing football anymore.
If ET is distracting things from the 3 game losing skid, good for him.
Wally is a master of those types of mind games.
Nice to see ET has actually picked up a few lessons along the way.

Anyway, I think you forgot reason number 3) Wally likely told him, you might as well take the suspension, because otherwise, I'm benching you one game for missing that block.

...couldn't give two hoots who you were 'talking' to ART, it's called a public forum and anyone can and will you are clearly not a BC Lion fan how about you take your attitude back to your own team's forum now hmmmm?...

I guess I don't understand what the Mods are for - it seems like when we have people that are making some nasty personal attacks, the Mods should step in and remind those individuals to watch their step or ban them for a day or two.

Anyways, let's all just move on - it seems we're all a little ticked off - just for different reasons.

Time to "Say Goodnight Dick" to this issue