Sherko Haji-Rasouli?

Was released by the lions..........I dislike him as much as anyone else on this forum, but hear me out on this.

It's beginning to look more and more likely that Alex Gauthier will leave Hamilton via free agency, so we'll probably have to move Rottier to left tackle and signing Sherko would allow us to do so. He's 6'6 326 lbs (which is big for a guard) having him and Jimenez would give us two big and nasty linemen on the right side of the offensive line, which could help the run game (assuming we get a running back thats not afraid to run through a hole).

Again, this is if we can't re-sign Gauthier.

There has to BE holes for a running back to run through

Ron tried to sign Rasouli away from the Als and got mad at Ras when he thought he was using Ron's offer just to barter with other teams, Ron was right. :wink:

I would not mind at all if we picked up Haji-Rasouli, if Gauthier left as a free agent.. I think Rottier is becoming a solid offensive lineman, and adding Haji-Rasouli's size, talent, and leadership would only help this team.

Also I am a bit more bias towards Haji-Rasouli signing here because I am, and have been a huge Miami Hurricanes fan since 1999, so adding a Hurricane alumni, who is Canadian might I add, to the Ti-cats would be a best case scenario for me as a fan.

And I must point out how much Obie LOVES adding former BC Lions to our team and how much these players respect him.

We got great Guards and Pretty Good Center .
I Think Peter if he plays well should be all Star at Guard this year
Marwin makes great calls at line so we good

Paul Lambert to RG, Simeon Rottier to LT.If Rottier has trouble, insert Belton Johnson.There fixed.

Simeon is going a great guard
He not ready to play Tackle
Look problems he had last year.
Go with Two American Tackles

Put two Canadians at DT Spots.

The guy was cut for a reason. His play has been off the last 2 seasons and 2010 in particular.

Not at all a guy I would want on the Ticat roster.

Why exactly do so many Ticat fans feel the need to sign every single player reject?

Agreed. Rottier has not shown the quickness and athleticism to play in space at this level, especially at LT. Keep him inside where he is more likely to excel.

Pretty Good! We have arguably the best Center in the league with Marwan Hage and certainly the best center in the East now that Chiu is gone.

Good question. It sometimes begins to feel like there are people who think that if a player is cut by another team (any player, any team) he would automatically "look good in black and gold". That's virtually a daily mantra on here during the latter stages of training camp.

Lambert has retired to coach at McGill, and would only come back to the CFL as an emergency backup for the Als in case injury strikes.

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Obie was probably the one who signed Rasouli away from Ron L. when he was in BC. Hard to imagine Obie not being interested in Rasouli. Ras tuned Ham down once would he do it again.