Sheridan Out, Canada Hanging On

So Sheridan has been released and the Bombers are denying that Canada will be (never listen to Pascucci).

So much for the o-line plans, with the free agents, we are now down potential 5 linemen. Yikes, wonder what the plan is now ?

Ed Tait is speculating that the Bombers will want one of Hamilton's Canadian offensive linemen in a trade for Glenn.

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I could see the Ticats signing Sheridan (OC Mike Gibson worked with him in Winnipeg years ago), then trading Dyakowski, Rempel or Bekesiak, plus a pick, to the Bombers for Glenn and another player. Gagne-Marcoux, Hudson and Hage are untouchable, however.

You would give a draft pick and a NI for Glenn ? Tell me your not tallking one of the Ticats 3 top 10 picks.

...NOBODY IS UNTOUCHABLE....with the right deal..... Hage is interesting...Hudsons getting a little on...I would say its one of those two plus our 1st round pick returned...????? :wink:

You think Obilovich will trade a top 3 pick and a starting NI Olinesman for a burned out, overpaid quarterback who's owed a bonus? Doubt that.

Here is a more likely scenario in return for the above Winnipeg throws in Tom Canada. OB then flips Canada somewhere else to get another body at a position of need.

I agree no one is untouchable...but not everyone is stupid All the time :slight_smile:

…we’re really liking this Marcoux guy…his name keeps cropping up…I say, if Gauthier goes, we send the Cats , Glenn , for one of their o linemen and a draft choice…and Marcoux fits the bill… :thup:

If Obie trades Gagne-Marcoux, it would have to be for Glenn plus another player.

Can’t say we never saw it coming, but i HIGHLY doubt the BB’S are just going to release Canada, if he is healhty he is worth something in return, i can’t see an outright release. Also if the Bombers let a HEALTHY Tom Canada go, that would be the worst mistake they can make. Canada (if healthy) can really make our D-Line a dominent force with Brown, Walls, Williams and Willie Evans. Guess we will see what happens, if Canada is not wearing Blue and Gold this year, i doubt he will be wearing any CFL COLOR after his mysterious illness in the BB/Ham trade last year.

Unless the Bombers spoke to Canada and he has agreed to a trade, he won’t be anywhere in 2009

tom canada and a deveolpmental player to BC for korey banks :smiley:

that would make my day! especially if we brought back willie evans

id even throw in brendon labbatte and casey mcgahee/kerry Johnson and a pick for jarious jackson to be included

however we would need to solidify our offensive line first by re-signing gauthier and picard and maybe signing mike abou-mechrek from free agency to replace brendon labbate

gauthier mechrek picard kahn goodspeed

and like i mentioned in another post sign an OLB or two and dave stala so we can start two NI recievers and move malveaux back to safety

...NO-WAY we part with Labatte......too much potential and a young-un....we have to hold onto this guy
Kerry Johnson may fit into our line-up quite nicely IF Milt decides to hang em up.....
Abou-Mechrek played for us a couple years ago....he never impressed me that much....plagued with back spasms...i'd pass on him.....In any case it looks like we still have a real good shot at signing Picard.....Who knows there might be a few players exiting Sask. after the latest transpirings off the field, for them....Sounds mercinary....but that's the way the ball bounces.. :roll:

you wouldnt part with these guys for jarious jackson and korey banks???? ok i can see your point papa, but you gotta give to get

and those two guys would really fill in some weak spots we have... and the guys we would be giving up are not irreplaceable

mechrek is a good gaurd.... we tried him at tackle for some reason(bad idea), and he was really exposed and some fans view of him tarnished... he had a lot of offsides calls because he could keep up with the speedy cfl Defensive ends and was trying to jump half a count early to make up for it...

…i forgot about Abou-Mechreks off-sides, james…you just convinced me …we don’t want him :lol:

…Jarious J. is interesting…he just re-upped with the leos and i don’t see him being moved…UNLESSSSS…Printers enters into the lions picture…then i could see a deal happening… :roll: