Sherbrooke's Giguere signs with Colts

just because those guys are on an NFL team doesn't mean they're super human mutants athletes.

Jesse is bigger and faster than the majority of NFL backs. He was released because of his injury concerns and because coaches have a sub conscious built prejudice against white running backs lol.

Every back in the NFL is 220 pounds and runs a 4-4 40? Ya sure, whatever you say.

Your grasp on the situation boggles my mind.

Jesse would ditch the cats in a sec if he were good enough to make the practice roster on any NFL team...same for any other player on every CFL team.

There is a reason why Jesse is in Hamilton now...plainly said, he isn't good enough for the NFL.

Not even close/

Be happy cause now he can commit to become a star CFL running back...Hopefully Giguere will figure that out quicker than Jesse did.

I love the CFL, I rarely watch the NFL. The players down south aren't mutants but they are better trained and more experienced. Jesse just couldnt match up, not even as a third stringer. As far as being white, well if he was as good as you think he is, then maybe LT should stay home.

I wonder if you go on and on about Jarrett Payton in the Als forums the same way you do with Lumsden in our forums because if thats the case you must go through a Sh..load of keyboards. :lol:

Your sounding a little ridicules now I've seen your posts before about Lumsden and we all get it now... your not a fan. GIVE IT A REST!

Also for someone who "rarely watches the NFL" you sure try to sound like you know a lot about the league and players lol it made me laugh and lets just say it wasn't with you.

Actually I am a fan...probably a bigger fan than most of the fans on this board. I attend at least 5 games at IWS each year. I hop in my car from Montreal, I stay at a hotel, I buy a ticket, I drink IWS beer and eat hotdogs just like you. The cats are my second favorite team and were my first during the dark no CFL years here in Montreal. I own two ticats jerseys and wear them proudly.

You know what kills me?...the fact that the cats are sooooooo bad. It embarasses me and if you are a true fan it6 should embarass you too.

You wanna laugh at me?...Well I didn't laugh at you while your team was winning 13 games in 3 years. I didn't laugh while the als were playing in Grey Cups while the cats watched on TV. You weanna know why I wasn't laughing?....cause I want the cats to get better.

If you want to get better you have to look honestly at your player situation. It kills me that a bunch of you are putting Jesse in the HOF after maybe 18 CFL games. It kills me that the same group is suggesting trading Chang for Andy Fantuz.

If I repeat these setiments it's only because the Cat faithful have a completely unrealistic view of certain hometown heros.

Payton is an ordinary back at best. Like jesse prone to injuries. I don't think tht any Als supporters are ready to put him in the Hall of fame.

As far as giving it a rest, maybe I will permanently.

Maybe I'll be laughing in November.