Sherbrooke's Giguere signs with Colts

University of Sherbrooke wide receiver Samuel Giguere, one of the top prospects for Wednesday's CFL Draft, has signed with the Indianapolis Colts. Good luck to the kid.

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Well now I say we look for a team to trade our #1 pick to and get a Star Receiver.

Now we can draft Giguere with our second pick in the first round, no one is going to touch him now.

I agree Tiger , even if he was to stick down thier we would hold his rights when he is released . Free agents down in the NFL come and go all the time .

He has talent or they wouldnt be gving him a look see . This is when it pays to have had the poor season .

Shologan has signed with the Chargers; also - Donovan Alexander - DB - N. Dakota - drafted by the Als last year - has signed with the Seahawks.

Well if we do keep our #1 pick those signings really leave us with a real choice on who to pick LOL

And the 1st pick in the 2008 Canadian College Draft...

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have selected by default...

...Dylan Barker...LOL

I really think OBIE will trade our pick to a team who can use Barker and get a solid starting receiver or defencive tackle.

We could really use Barker ourselves.

I think we need to take Barker unless a great trade comes up. You need to find out what his signing bonus is to figure out wether or not he's draftable. I would think Giguere will have a hard time making the Colts with them already having Harrison, Wayne, Gonzalez, Thorpe,

Just like I Said In My Blog
I Knew Indy was one of the Teams
that would offer him the a FA Deal.

Wait to you see my Mock draft...
It is posted a Day Early
I Had Wait for Gigure To Sign with a NFL Team
Before I posted it. as It was key to my Mock .

They Colts Took 2 TE and WR in the Draft...

The chances that he will stick with the Colts are slim and none. By far, still the best talent out there.

Worth the risk.

Speaking of NFL draft...Anyone know what happened for Jerome Messam, self-proclaimed 3rd round pick?

In this morning's Spec, Obie says that they will probably keep the #1 pick instead of trading it, due to apparent lack of interest in the pick by other teams.

So, the way I see it, it looks like we'll take either Barker or Emry #1, and we'll use the #8 pick to take one of these guys who signed a free agent NFL contract.

Has the CFL Announced Montreal has lost the pick.
on The CFL Draft Site they still have it.
Until the CFL Announce the Forfeit
We have the pick 9th.

I stil say if the Cats (or anyone else) wants Giguere, they should draft him because he will be playing in Canada sooner than later.

An Argo-Cat fan

Ken Peters Today :

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He has an excellent chance at making the Colts because 1 their coach is honest and fair and 2 they don't have great depth at receiver after 1-3.

What was Ken smoking when he said they'll either start Clinton Wayne or Mckay?

That's like saying the Pats will start either Tom Brady or Matt Cassel next season lol.

I agree.

Also, what does Peters mean when he says the Cats are "set at linebacker?" Who does he think is starting alongside Moreno and Mariuz? Isn't that third starting LB spot still very much up in the air?

Maybe demonstrates he really doesn't have much clue about the roster or team details; and instead buys and spits back out what team officials or shills will tell him. That is the way it works with some or plenty of sports reporting & "journalists".

Do you understand that he will probably be competing against 20 other receivers who are just as big, just as fast and have had the advantage of prior NFL or NCAA experience? CIS players don’t have the requisite training and game experience to compete against the greatest football players on the planet.

Look at Jesse…big time CIS superstar. In the NFL??? Not even close.

Excellent chance?

Not a snowball’s chance in…