so do we give this guy another shot when the game means something, or not?

Based only on today's game...I say no.


I'd put him on the PR. I'd like to get a look at him when he's completely healthy and has had a few more practices under his belt before cutting him loose.

i say keep him around.. after the game lapo said shelton struggled due to the hamilton kicker not being overly consistent and i tend to agree with that, also said its tough when u dont practice so all signs point to shelton sticking around one way or another.

the hamilton punter would boot one good one then shank like 2 in a row so that couldnt have been easy. u dont keep around a guy all camp with an injury and then cut him after his first ever game time action in difficult conditions.

I suppose he should stick around...but I hope he gets LOTS of practice in the next 12 days...

I would still like to see him when he's healthy and gets a few practice reps in with the number 1 return team.

His speed is undeniable.

Here's hoping...


It depends what happens in practice the next few days. Does he show the coaches that he deserves another shot, or does he continue to struggle?

Lapo was right in the interview post-game, he has no practices under his belt and he was facing very poor punts for returning. However, he still has to show something to be kept. The game itslef I think, will not factor much into the decision.

Apparently Shelton has been released.

The post regarding Shelton has been removed from the Extra Point. The person who posted it has a pretty good track record but LaPolice didn't say anything about anyone being released so who knows. Apparently someone at OB claimed it was on twitter but that can't be found so the information about Shelton could be wrong. I'd actually be a little surprised if he was.

yea nothing on twitter as was said... unless something official is announced in the morning he will likely get this week to improve in prac... and maybe split reps with jovon in the opener,, however at that point itl be do or die...

man itd be nice to have titus ryan here right now

You can say that again!

And it's now official that Shelton was released.

The person who posted it at the Extra Point said he saw it on the Bomber twitter feed but then it was removed from the twitter feed so he deleted his own post.