Shell let go by Boatmen

Perhaps we should pick him up. He's pretty go no?

I've always thought of Lin-J Shell as a pretty good DB, I'd be all for picking up and i'm one of the few people that are already satisfied with the potential we have in our defensive backfield.

Of all the free agent out there, this is the guy I think we definitely need. With Hinds, Webb, Collins, Shell, Means or Turrenne, I think we will have a dominant secondary. Time for Bo Smith and Marcel Young to go. Wasn't impressed with either one last year as they both got torched often.

I agree about Bo Smith. I think Marcel Young has potential but he needs to watch and learn from the vets IMO

If Shell comes over he'll have to apologize to Augie for the spitting incident in 2010.

"Back and to the left"

The Argos are likely attempting to accommodate Ray's substantial salary into the Cap thereby resulting in Shell's release.

Teams don't usually throw away a two time all-star (the past two seasons straight)

What is perplexing is is that Barker couldn't or wouldn't deal/trade him. :?

What a dumb-ass move by Barker. An absolute no-brainer for Obie to pick him up.

An Argo-Cat fan

Someone posted this on the TSN site.

Tigertown2012 1 hour ago Shell came down the QEW to talk to Obie Today,Look for a signing in the next few days,Great Young DB!Just what the Tiger ordered.Thanks ARGOs(again)
Take this with a grain of salt.

I'll raise my hand as the lone Bo Smith fan on this forum. :oops:

I still would like to get Shell though.

Absolutely. Sign Mr. Shell.

We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. As I recall, he played pretty good last season.

I too feel that our secondary is shaping up good, with the Ryan Hinds signing the other day. But, in a league that is pass oriented, you can never have a crew of DB's that are too strong.

I trust Obie to do the right thing.

And in seasons previous as well.

If it's possible for a Hamilton native to have a "favourite Argo", he was it for me.

I don't expect he'll be unemployed for very long.

HIs release is quite a surprise to me. Barker can say what he wants about a philosophical change in his defence, but I cannot believe that this release is in any way performance-related, there has to be something else to this (SMS? Attitude? Personality conflicts?).

Hi Madjack:

This is the official explanation from their organization...courtesy of Drew Edwards ...

" The Argonauts have released all-star defensive back Lin-J Shell, issuing a release that said in part: ?Operating within the salary management system, he is no longer a fit for our team.?

Salary cap issue....the quarterback signing has taken a BIG bite out of their budget......

Surprising release, to be sure. On the other hand, the guy running the defense in Toronto (Chris Jones) isn't a scrub, or new to the league, so I have to believe there was a valid reason beyond the rhetorical pablum of 'wanting to go in a different direction.'

Nope, you’re not the only Bo Smith fan. I am a big fan of Bo as both a player and a person. People seem to forget that he just came off of what could have been a career-ending injury and I think he still did a good job. I am not sold on a lot of what was done in Chamblin’s defense so I’d love to see what Bo could do with some decent schemes.

Personally, I hate Shell. He likes to take extra shots at guys and he’s a whiner, but if he can help us win I can deal with having him here.

I hope we pick him up, I thought our secondary had a ton of problems but if we can get Shell I think that will help a ton. With everyone we had at the end of the year and some young new bodies the secondary should be a nice battle to watch in training camp.

i think Augie will have to apologize to Shell for making up the whole spiting incident.

Sorry but the ref was right there and saw it.

I'm with Drummer on this and don't think it happened, plus it was 2 years ago so im sure Augies over it by now.

With Copeland and Shell gone that frees up cap space to sign Fantuz.

It's easy to turn a 'whiner' into a 'winner' Just take away his bottle..... no wine for you....

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