I know Chamblin is saying mild sprain most likely. I talked to a friend on the staff at half, and he was concerned that this was serious upon initial look and might shelve him.

Man I sure hope not. Initially I didn't think it was that bad as he walked off and was smiling on the sideline after, but I'll take your inside info.

yeah, I thought it was a hit under his knee pad and he'd be back by 2nd half at worst...ran into a staff friend in the corridor and he said "It's worse that we initially thought, and fear it might knock him out for a large balance of the season"

We'll know more Tuesday I guess.

Coach said in interview, it may be just a bad sprain, we can only hope!!

I hope he ends up being "ok" ... that looked nasty on the replay.

Rival team or not ... I don't want to see guys get hurt "for the season".


Interview today says Sheets has just a sprained knee... No damage.

So it looks like he is going to miss 1 game for sure, possibly 2. So in the mean time, sounds like the job goes to Sanders, Garrett and Hughes... They will all take reps this week at practice, and the 42 will be decided later this week

Looks like Mission 2K could be in jeopardy! But I'll trade that goal for a Grey Cup instead. I think they need to be as patient with Sheets as possible and not rush him back early. If it takes 3 games or 4, so be it... We need this guy in playoffs

Removing Sheets from a game or 2 will force the Rider O to regroup and try new thingsā€¦could be a good thing in the long run.

I agree 100% Depop. Last year they had success utilizing Sheets and Sanders together until Jock got hurt... I know we have offensive talent with Bagg, Getzlaf, Simon, Dressler and Smith... But if opposition defenses have figured out our patterns and schemes, it won't work. They could put 2 backs in the back field to mess up defenses. It could be Hughes, McHenry, Sanders, Sheets, Garrett... Lots of combos...

Sheets is shifty. Garrett is going to show north south running. This is going to be tough for the O-line to adjust to but they need to adjust.

Can Garrett block case he can't that is when Hughes will come in...........which might allow the defense to know we are passing. So I sure hope Garrett can open the run game so that when Hughes comes in he can keep it rolling.

Sheets turned alot of 1 yard games into big gains because he is quick. He isn't great for grinding out 2-3 hard yards.

But we'll miss Sheets this week and next week, with a knee you are just forced to rest it. My opinion. Get him back to 100% and let him ride!