Sheets out vs Lions...Rushing record slipping away?

unfortunately, Kory Sheets is out for at least the following game against the Lions which will make it increasingly difficult to break Mike Pringle's single season rushing record of 2,065 yards.

Hopefully the injury heals quickly and he is able to return to form once reinstated.


Running back Kory Sheets will not play Sunday when the Saskatchewan Roughriders host the B.C. Lions.

Sheets suffered a knee injury early in Saturday's loss to the Toronto Argonauts and did not return to the game.

At this point I don't care about the record, I just want him healthy for the playoffs.

like Billy says..

the record really is irrelevant. I would rather have the whole team healthy come playoffs than risk anything for a record. Records don't get you Grey Cup Victories.

Like Pringle said....It's a long season....

Tough break, but with teams focusing in on his so much, it is an uphill battle either way. Removing Sheets from a game or 2 will force the Rider O to regroup...could be a good thing in the long run.

It will definetely help the Riders to ready the two other RBs that they currently have in Hybrid Sanders who wgen he has played RB has done a fine job and Garret had an All star type stint in 2011 missing 2012 due to injury opened the door for one of what I think is one of the top 4 RBs in the CFL right now in Simpson, Sheets, Cornish, and Harris. Teams have focused on 3 of those four this season with Cornish seemingly unstoppable while Sheets was slightly overlooked last season with stats equal to all three of the other all stars I mentioned but no awards to go with it.
A Garrett/Sanders 1-2 punch would be very effective and allow for both Garrett and Sanders to be on the field at the same time something that the Riders had gotten away from with Sheets and Sanders.

I just want to take this opportunity to point out that if cornish got the ball as many times as sheets, it would be he that would be closest to the record.

just saying

...except Grey Cup victory records...

And apparently they do not feel he is capable of effectively running the ball that frequently or he would be. Some guys get better with more touches, some guys don't. Perhaps in his case less touches helps his average because it is less one dimensional. A RB who averages what sheets does and gets probably pushing 1/3 of the plays on occasion is pretty impressive, because people are focusing on him.

coulda shoulda woulda

Trevor Harris and Drew Willy have more yards per pass...guess if they threw as much as Henry they would be the passing leaders right?

In hockey, some goalies that face 20 shots will let 2 or 3 in, yet if they face 35 will only let one or 2.

Your 'point' has little merit.

Agree 100%. At the end if the day, 2000 yards would be a nice accomplishment. But I guarantee, Sheets would trade it for a championship any day. Focus now is to just get healthy for the playoffs..

I would guarantee Daniel Alfredsson would trade any of his records for a Stanley Cup!

Cornish would indeed have as many yards as Sheets if the carries were the same but that is the fine line that coaches walk when coming to a RB. The Stamps drafted a gem in Matt Walter a Canadian RB that is effective in giving cornish a spell here and there during the game. Remember Cornish began last season playing 2 series and then taking a series off. That was tweaked where he does play more but Walter finished last season with a 7 yard rush average in situations giving Cornish just enoiugh rest to stay healthy and be strong in wearing doen Defenses in the 4th QTR.

actually, cornish ave per carry is a full 1 yard greater than sheets. Cornish is also the second busiest RB in terms of numbers of carries. Not like he is being rested at all, just that calgary spreads the ball around more than sask does. Since sheets has 213 carries so far, and cornish 1 yard more average, then if cornish had the same carries, he would have 213 yards more than sheets does.

...I disagree with this statement...the number of times a guy runs the ball is based on a how the OC wants to outline his game plan based on the defense that OC is going up against based on prior game knowledge, and then adjusted to suit how the game is unfolding...not on how the OC feels about his main RB's general effectiveness, if he had that concern he'd find a new RB, and I guarentee the stamps are pretty happy with JC's effectiveness...for a guy who is berating someone on the merit of a point that statement above is pretty ironic...

The Stampeders do a great job of mixing up pass and run. It's impossible to know if they gave him the ball more if he would maintain his average, or if it would go down/up. You give the ball too much to him and teams will just play the run, which I think is what has happened to the Riders in the past 3 or 4 games. You just see teams sitting 8 in the box as they know it's a run.

...good points Dust

My point being that they know not to run as Dust said. The more a RB runs, the more they focus in on him defensively. Saying that if he got 20% more runs he would have the same average is a pretty big stretch. Could it happen...sure. Is it more likely people would game plan for him even more...most likely. Further....not sure where I was berating...I have said nothing bad about Cornish and think he is an amazing back...I have simply said perhaps the coaches have seen he is not capable of gaining the same average if he runs more. I am not saying that because I don't think he is physically capable of doing it, I am saying it because teams will concentrate on it..much as has happened with the overuse of Sheets the past bit. It is their offensive strategy, and I feel it i a good one.

I guess we will have to wait and see if and when cornish gets as many carries (213) as sheets has now. I think he will have more yards and roughly the same avg.

cornish already runs more than everyone else and still has way better avg and yards. If you want to say that its is easier for him to do it than sheets, then harris should have an even better avg. Or somebody should.

you can bet other teams are as aware of cornish as they are sheets. Doubt anybody prepares less for him.


the sound of it all going over your head.

The point is not WHEN he gets to 213 is averaging 20+/game. The Stamps can continue using Cornish in the manor they do, and yes, he will most certainly have a higher average...or they can start using him 20% more per game and see if his rushing average changes.

When he gets to 213 rushes, he still won't be averages the same amount of carries per game.

I don't understand how this can be such a challenging concept to grasp. The more you use a certain player, the more attention they get from the opposition. If you think that wouldn't effect one's number, I guess...well...whatever.

Tim Hawthorne has a 23.8 yard per catch average. That is on 4 catches for 95 yards. By your logic, had the catches per game Owens has, he would be at about 1500 yards, and Stamps would be in second at 821 yards. Duron Carter would also have more yards. You know, because averages apparently don't change when you get more touches, because defenses would NEVER pay more attention to the given player :roll:

cant help but notice you ignored the rest of my post.

...I thought you were saying the opposite which is why you can understand why I found irony in the way I interpreted what you were saying...I appreciate the clarification, and understand what your meaning was now...