Sheets busted for pot

Just read on tsn that Sheets was busted earlier this month for having pot in his vehicle and driving erratic but was given a discharge. How is this going to effect his NFL contract? How will this effect his possible return to the Riders? This being a community owned team and after his incident last year my understanding he was on his last strike with the riders? How strict does the team stand behind its image code? Is this enough of a issue to not resign him? Do you let an all star player go knowing some other team will more then likely snap him up in a blink of an eye?
Would like to get opinions on this one as it does have potential to be a big story.

If Sheets can return , then he should, not sure about the strikes you talk about!!??

I was referring to the domestic dispute he was in down in the states. From my understanding the Riders had a meeting with him before training camp. Here is an excerpt from that article
"Saskatchewan GM Brendan Taman said Sheets will be disciplined but didn't elaborate further.

"Kory knows he's on his last strike with us," Taman said. "Regarding the (team's) code of conduct, every situation's different and everything is handled on an individual basis, and Kory's got on the wrong side of it right now.

"We'll see where it goes in the future but I think he knows where he stands

Its weed in 2014 and this couldn't have gone any quieter... It will have zero affect on anything... It isnt going to make or break him in Oakland and I strongly doubt it would affect any future potential with the Riders

Not sure this will be shirked off as "its 2014 and it was weed" after all he was driving and was given a 24 hr driving suspension and failed a sobriety test. If he had been smoking while at his place or a friends place that may be a bit different but to be under the influence while driving that is pretty serious.
I'm not judging him or the legality of smoking pot. I'm asking will the Rider's look at this infraction and say thanks but no thanks if he is available?

I highly doubt it. If they didn't release players because of the bar incident I doubt a DUI will be looked at more seriously. As for his time in Oakland I doubt it will hurt his chances of making the team.

he got an absolute discharge...there will be no conviction on record, only a record of a; one will know he had a charge on a criminal record check, but not know what ever happened with it.

Not cool that he was all...but this is a slap on the wrist in today's day and age. I can't see that any club would hold it against him.

Did he get charged with DWI or DUI? Nope. He pled guilty to possession, was granted a stay. Its a non-issue. People get those 24-hour suspensions fairly regularly and do not mean you are guilty at that time either. The Riders will not care. Technically he's a free agent so he doesnt really make the Riders look bad in my view - only himself.

I agree.

A heads up that the regulations do change in late June to those unaware. It will be a 72 hour not a 24, you need to do a class, and you can get your vehicle impounded on a roadside beyond the 1st offense. The penalties get progressively harsher upon compounded offenses.

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The bar incident is not yet resolved. If convicted I believe they will be released. As it stands now, the defendants are not guilty until proven otherwise. It is not like this was domestic violence or something, there is a lot more to this instance than that. Yes, they finished the fight...who started it?

now we know why he bleeds 'green'. :lol:

I agree that I don't think this incident in itself would hurt his chances with any team but considering the incident last year it may not just be over looked as "boys will be boys" and swept under the rug.

Kory's not on our roster anymore and unfortunately I dont see him coming back at all. A pot conviction, particularly in Oakland of all places, is nothing. If he loses his "job" there it will because he got beat out by someone they like better, but then as free agent he will be picked up by someone. If he does end up looking north we will likely be at least 1/3 into our season and cannot afford to not have somebody capable already in place.

He was previously charged with assaulting his girlfriend. :roll:

Sheets is a bum and we don't need him to win the cup this year!


If Oakland keeps him pass training camp he most likely will have to serve a 4 game suspension under the NFL Substance abuse policy. This might hurt him in Oakland. They will have to determine if he is worth waiting for.

I agree the suspension will not exactly give him a head start on others competing for the same position. I also don't take lightly the other incident he was involved in last year. Domestic abuse is not a laughing matter. The seriousness of the abuse is vague though so I won't pass harsh judgement without knowing the details. I think Kory needs to seriously look at his image and start walking a more straighter path if he wants to be successful in any league. Talent he has,his decisions off the field though are a bit suspect.It would be a shame to have his career ruined by not making wise choices. We all have the same responsibility to do this in our lives and he should be no different.

It won't likely effect him in the NFL

  • in California, it is an infraction, not even a misdemeanor
  • there are several states decriminalizing/legalizing
  • the NFL itself is about to ratify new policy. It will no longer be an issue