Sheets and Kromah both on game day depth chart tonite

I am seeing both Sheets and Kromah on tonite's active roster . Thats great news !... however I hope it is not too soon for Kory

Feel sorry for Kromah.

Did Kromah even get on the field last night ?

I am not sure he dressed...pretty sure he was on the 46, not the 42...not positive though

I'm pretty sure he did not play

I am not sure he played either but Rod Williams did play and was impressive to say the least. Cramping up but the Riders had a solid back up plan in place and Jackson played very well at the opposite corner and Sanders was solid on returns as well as being available to back up Sheets. grabbing an All star shut down CB like Williams is a difference maker on defense knowing that he can cover man to man with the best of them allowing for more blitzing.
So dressing Sanders and I think Carlos Thomas on defense was the better choice.
If Weldon Brown can come back healthy to resume as SAM LB creates even more depth at DB moving Ferri back to the utility back up.
Coverage teams looked very good as well and that is with coverage teams stand out Sam Hurl also on the IR

Wasn't all that impressed with Williams tbh.. I thought Russ has been doing as good of a job if not better than what Williams did last night. They picked on him all night as he kept giving a very large buffer (likely cause he isn't in playing shape) and they kept gaining yardage off of him.

I will give him a break as he hasn't played a game yet this year though. Rest of the D looked good, seemed to be missing tackles badly at randoms points in the game which was especially weird to see from McCollough a few times. Excited for when Kromah is back in game form, we could use some play makers back at LB especially with Brown out.

Speaking of play making LBs Butler had a great game last night!

McCoulough is also 33 years old now and has been mainly a ST and spot player on defense could be that with Kromah back there will be different packages to as not to keep McCoulough on the field so much as well as being a FT special teams player especially on coverage teams which takes a lot of running
Finding the right balance or if he is playing that great at MLB having Hurl back on the 42 could take his spot on the STs

Speaking of Hurl, Is he injured or is he... ""injured""?

And yes, thought last night was one of Butler's best games of the year

Butler has been a weak spot all year, especially against the run. It was good to see him have a strong game. I thought he played quite well 2 weeks ago against the Lions too. Maybe he likes BC? :stuck_out_tongue:

Did not see him. Did not see Kuale either. Ferri played a ton.

Funny how a lil competition becoming healthy will do that huh. We shall see if it lasts against a stronger running game.

I thought he excelled when dropping back as a safety, and was ok at LB.

Yes. He is a much better safety. He seems to have good football sense and can read where the ball is going.. Most of his career Interceptions are at the safety position...

Butler the size of a safety really playing out of position a bit at Will LB where he would be considered strong but they wanted to get him onto the field to start and liked Brak at safety even though he was probably the best SAM LB last season.
The D scheme does have Butler dropping and Brak moving up.
Also like last season they use different defensive packages with different personnell. Last years MLB Lobo started but was often out on second downs that would be considered loner passing downs.

Good question about Hurl. Is he really injured or is he just not dressing using the IR as an extra roster spot? Coverage teams are playing awesome with him and without him. Need to credit the Riders for creating that kind of depth.

If they continue to dress just 3 import starting receivers and Sanders as a Hybrid/returner there should be room to get Kromah dressed and place him into one of the defensive packages they use. Last week 6 Canadians were in the starting line up gives them even more flexibility with the import part of the roster.
The Oline looked great with Tyler at the RT spot so keeping him there will probably stay the same at least this season. Having a Canadian like Neufeld healthy now and ready to step in at RT also gives lots of depth as Heenan settles back in at RG.

Would love to see Macho Harris back but the addition of All star Rod Williams and having DBs like Russ, carlos Thomas as Back ups gives the riders a deep DB unit

But Brack is better than him at safety, and both Brack and Hurl are better than him at LB and Hurl is NI too.

Butler made no secret that he was unhappy last season that he was not playing more and that Patrick was starting at Safety. So Chamblain has made it a point to get him in the line up although he is undersized for a Will LB and probably not the cover skills for a SAM LB. I think he has played great this season and I like his play but he is a free agent, he is from the east and Ottawa will be entering so we may just see Butler in a different uniform next season and Hurl will be in his 3rd season and could be ready to expand his ST to more LB play.
Just goes to show the much wealth of Canadian talent that is now available

Hurl expand from ST? He got a lot of action last year...that is what is so confusing about all of this. He to is a FA

I never heard that he was unhappy. If he was boo hoo! Patrick was a better safety.

I think he has played great this season and I like his play
He's had a couple of strong games lately but overall he has been THE disappointment of the defense. He has been weak against the run, and inexcusably poor in open field tackling, especially vs Kackert, Cornish.
but he is a free agent, he is from the east and Ottawa will be entering so we may just see Butler in a different uniform next season
I've been keeping my fingers crossed that overrated Butler ends up in Ottawa leaving the better NI talent in Sask. I would MUCH rather see Butler go than say one of the Canadian O-linemen.
and Hurl will be in his 3rd season and could be ready to expand his ST to more LB play.
Hurl should have been in Butler's LB spot all year. He's better and has the same passport as Butler.

Hurl did get alot of PT last season when on second and long packages as they would pull Lobo so yes he saw a lot of regular field time. This year however not so much. Whether it is injury or what I do not know.

Brak is better than Butler at safety he is better than a lot of safeties in the CFL. Last season he was arguably the best SAM LB. Weldon Brown has been able to be one of the top SAM LBs so it works out for the Riders. With Brown injured Utility player Ferri was able to play very good at the SAM spot. Probably the toughest position to play in the CFL as the position as it is played really is unique to the CFL with 5 receiver sets being the norm and all 5 receivers usually very good pro receivers. Do not see 5 receives playing at once at such a high level in NCAA or NFL nor CIS.
Chip Cox has become probably the best in the modern CFL since the FB has been removed from offensive schemes and 5 wide been the norm. Sam LBs are really cover DBs but also have to be able to stop the run like a Will LB