sheets and dressler to the NFL?

Both are free agents who believe they have a legitimate shot at the NFL? What teams would be interested in them?

Chicago under Trestmon I heard is interested in Dressler. I'm sure Sheets might be invited to some camps but can't see him cracking a roster spot simply because he was in the NFL for 3 seasons and would be payed more then the young guys.

Dressler is so quick and smart, I can see him a player like Welker, somewhat smaller but potentially just as effective.

Sheets, his game is so suited to the Canadian field and game though, well like Dressler but rb's are a dime a dozen down there, receivers are tougher to find, real good ones and you have to have that to win in the NFL now.

Dressler is too old for the NFL. nobody will give him a serious look. you wait and see.

He's 28. Athletes are usually hitting their prime years between 28 and 31

yes, but it is extremely rare for an NFL team to sign a 28+ year old receiver who is 5"8, undrafted, never played a down of NFL ball, (not even pre-season), nor attended any NFL combines at this stage.

Generally speaking, NFL teams are looking for fresh talent not far removed from the collegiate levels and of larger physical status.
This is not to say that Dressler is not a high caliber athlete with NFL potential, although he may not be given a fair opportunity down south due to the aforementioned reasons.

He is the perfect specimen for the CFL though.

Neither one will make it in the NFL,Dressler is too small and Sheets is a running back,which is a dime a dozen job,every college team in the States has a hot-shot running back just waiting to be drafted or signed as a FA. Sheets IMO should just stay in the CFL,be a BIG fish in a little pond,believe me NFL scouts do not make RB's a high priority when looking elsewhere for future players to sign,RB is the easiest position to fill on any football team in any league,there are millions of them out there,looking for employment in the pro ranks,and lots to choose from that are either undrafted or currently unemployed.

People are too fixated on size. Size is more a hinderance in getting an opportunity. Once you've shown you can do something and be a special player, size doesn't factor in quite as much.

I've heard and read the Trestman-Dressler connection way back as well. Trestman wasn't all that keen on Devin Hester. He's had to gameplan against Dressler for years and watched him still put up big plays despite it. Dressler could easily fit in with the Bears as a returner and 3rd/slot receiver. He's not likely going to be one of your top two receivers, but consider what the Bears offense would look like with Marshall on the outside and Dressler and his speed up the middle?

Sheets may have a harder time cracking a NFL roster. The Indy colts though have had a line in with the Riders for years, mostly thanks to Cal Murphy (Freeman, Keith, Chick). Considering what a disaster picking up Trent Richardson was, I could see them looking to Sask again for a player and Sheets could be a good #2 or #3 back for them.

Sheets spent most of his time in the NFL on practice rosters. His rookie season he was signed by the 49ers placed on the PR in early October to the Dolphins roster, So I think that would count as one season. In 2010 he spent the whole year on the IR so I do not know if that counts as a season but could since he was under contract but on the IR.
In 2011 realesed at the end of TC and later signed to a PR mid season probably where he would have exhausted his PR eligibility.
He was in the Riders TC in 2012 so means probably did not get any NFL attention to camp.
Usually at this point after 3 season in the NFL and coming North usually means that is pretty much it for the NFL. However he would still be on the very low end of the NFL salary scale as a second or 3rd year player depending how the IR year is considered by the CBA.
Sheets will be 29 next season but really has only played 2 seasons of football, being the last two with the Riders so not much wear and tear on that body yet. With teams using 2 or 3 RBs now a days an experience factor can come into place here combined with him still being on the very low end of the min salary scale.
He has also showed in the CFL that he can now block and receive. Also he could aslo return Kick offs and with his years of NFL Knowledge he can play specials as well.
Problem as many have said is that their are a ton of RBs coming out of the NCAA each year some will make rosters some will start on PRs and become a roster player the next year or some can bounce so they also gain experience.
He is certainly good enough, no doubt, but will an NFL team give a 29 year old a shot after already spending three years.

Dressler the same age as sheets is dominate in the CFL and has the kind of speed that some of those other smallish receivers in the NFL for sure. Issue for him is wear and tear. Will an NFL team be interested in a 5'8" 29 year old who has been a starter in the CFL for six seasons. 5 0f six seasons over 1,000 yards, sure handed punt returner, I am kind of surprised that he has not gotten a chance a little earlier in his career because he has been this good from his rookie season on.
He reminds me of Doug Flutie he just seems to be able to stay just as fast as ever and pretty healthy. Ever Since the NFL Network started broadcasting CFL games a few years back, then added to the popular Watch ESPN/ESPN3 and now the NBC SN as well as this season ESPN2 a lot more exposure for the CFL players.
ne thing will be if he does get an invite to an NFL camp he will have to stay healthy from the get go. Any kind of injury problems and the NFL will just turn to the next small super freak.
Most CFL players will not go to or back to the NFL if they think they are just there to fill out the 90 man TC roster but for Dressler he has the ability to be that surprise guy and also he is an NFL rookie so he can sign at the NFL minimum.

I think you will see both stay north of 49 but good luck if they do give the NFL a try. This brings up another dilemma for the Riders however. If Sheets and/or Dressler go south, it will open up some SMS room for the Riders, if not the Riders will have a difficult time keeping all of the bigger names currently on their FA list. Although these players on the FA list give the ability to hide from Ottawa's draft picks, a lot of them will be looking for raises due to the great year the Riders enjoyed and I just can't see the Riders haveing any room to spend.

I think both will stay in the CFL as well, with the NFL keeping its status quo with younger out of the draft, from the CFL, or elevated from PR status. The NFL will prably continue to raid the CFL for the top DEs needing as many as possible for DE rotation or Rush OLBs. RB depth will come from fresh bodied NCAA rookies. Lets also see how many Canadian O and interior D Lineman projects that the NFL will raid the CIS for PR spots as well.

Interesting interviews with Sheets confirming his return to Regina and Dressler not really so sure. As you mentioned he may be able to find more $$$ available from other teams

I think you’ll probably see Geroy Simon, Dwight Anderson, and Alex Hall move on to a different teams. Maybe Geroy returns once more, but if he does it will be at a greatly reduced salary. Dressler and Sheets are pretty big parts of the Rider offense, I really hope they both return.

Yea you can not keep Simon at that salary he was at, with the role he will be playing. He can keep his spokesperson deal with the Hall Embassy suites for a suite for the season. After last season any team that signs him, and their may not be many who would if released, would have the same offer. The free suite for the season along with a chance to defend a Grey cup may put it over the top to stay.

Alex Hall will be looking to see if he can get a second stint in the NFL but unlike sheets as the same age there is a much bigger market out there for DEs for rotations. He played three NFL seasons so he would be still in the middle of the middle mandatory salary cap. Proving that he can still play by dominating the CFL could just be enough to get him a year or so in a rotation.

Anderson is probably a one and done. Rod Williams at a lock down corner will be a priority to keep over Anderson. Macho Harris still there if he can stay Healthy, Maze could be a mainstay, and suddenlty Jackson has gone from return specialis to top CB

Has anyone considered the new CBA has to take place yet before next season. With the additional revenues going to the 8 teams from the new TV deal with TSN, the Players Association will be looking for an increase in the Salary Cap. Rumors on this Forum say the Cap could go up as much as $500,000 to $600,000.

With that extra cash, some of these free agents can demand higher salaries, and teams will have extra room with an increased Cap…

I think this is a chicken and egg thing. Players may be reluctant to sign to see what the increase may be, and GM’s may be reluctant to spend too much before they know what they can actually spend.

Or am I out to lunch on this???

Had anyone heard if they have started talks on a new CBA yet?

5 to 6 hundred K. Or about 20% of the new aditional revenues. if the players are dumb enough to settle for that,they miles well get rid of their union altogether. The players better get atleast a 1 million dollar increase. The TV revenues are up, but so are sponsorship revenues and with the new stadiums, so will ticket revenues.. You guys are off your rockers to think a 6 million dollar salary cap will not be a reality next season. if the CFL has your same mentality, there will not be a season next year

No matter how much the cap increases next year. It will not stop players from trying the NFl. Cam wake earns more then 3 entire CFL rosters.

I have no idea what it will go up. As I mentioned, from the TV deal, there is approx $2Mil extra per team, per year. Some teams will require that cash to help stay afloat and/or pay off debt due to the new stadium projects across the league... So players can't get too greedy. Discussion on this forum suggest salary increases to $5Mil next season ($600K higher than existing), and a $100K increase every year after. So in a 5 year deal, CAP may go up $1Mil by the end. And then it will be time to sign a new TV deal again..

Next, the players may negotiate some revenue sharing between teams, maybe a % of merchandise or something as well to increase compensation via a different route. Or have pensions or something... Who knows. That will be up to Cohon and the Players Association to figure out.
In the end, if there is a lockout, no one gets paid. So owners can't get too greedy, and players can't get to greedy

Sheets plays and he is vetted. Someone needs to be interested in him in a HUGE way...same goes with Hall.

Dressler, sure, but I just think he is too small for the NFL, which is a shame. Can he crack a roster...sure, there are 5-6 - 5-8 receivers doing very well in the CFL, but I tend to think he missed his opportunity by re-signing a few years back. I wish him nothing but luck, because he is a hell of a guy...

It is an Era where the highest paying pro leagues in the world will generally get the best players no matter where they live. Just happens that MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL are in North America and more specifically the NFL is in neighboring US for the CFL.
Japan pro baseball league considered the 2nd best in the world is on the other side of the World and their best are now coming to MLB.
For the CFL they have done a great job along with partner TSN to raise the level of popularity of the CFL with 7.5K avg TV ratings and the Grey Cup the most watched sporting event in Canada. This should bring the salaries back up but it will probably take another decade to do so and will never be close to the NFL but good enough to keep top players from persuing a career in football in Canada.

My concern is that either one makes it to a practice roster position. Still make more money doing this then playing in CFL, that's what Chick did.