Toronto recievers making Wynn look bad. Wonder whats up.

haven't bought the game online yet, how is it for the Bombers?

bombers 13 TO 6. Boring game too.


don't ca just hate it when I'm right?

Kanga Bombers 13 Argos 6 third quarter!

hm, maybe I should watch it after it's over, it would be cheaper.

Williams sucks. Roberts rocks.

However, I am hoping Wynn gets it done.

Sheesh, I beleive in word censors, but this is totally inane. What moron chose to censor that common word :roll:

Oooh.. big turnover for the bummers. Oh, big sack for the argos.. maybe this game'll be worth watching after all.

Ricky oh Ricky you are running the wrong way son!

Williams is gonna be as huge a bust as Todd Marinovich and Vince Feragammo(sp?)

Ricky is finding out that! :lol:

did I miss somethine. Where is Livingstone??

Who the heck is livingstone?

Levingston is platooning kick/punt return duties with Stokes this season, but not utilizing him tonite is quite puzzling.

Why does Pinball always smile and laugh when things go Winnipeg's way? Does he know something I don't? Playing a little rope-a-dope? Or is he just drunk?

my spelling sucks

Ah just got it Levengston right! I think he is sitting out this one.

I've been discussing this with others, but one does have to speculate as to why Pinball is seemingly too happy. Maybe he's trying to find the bright side of life with everything; or the off-the-wall scenerio that he's doped out on uppers.

Wow.. 150 to 7 for rushing yards. Oh now Pinball looks mad since Winnipeg didn't get the TD. Maybe he's confused by the gold jerseys.

RW is getting his running game served to him on a golden platter :lol:.